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Hi (my email is still not set up),

For g4 fanon characters... I think that they are relevant, as long is it is pointed out clearly which ponies are technically un-named by hasbro, or only kind of named. For instance, sells licensed hasbro merch, and they have a bunch of stuff with derpy on it and some that even say derpy... I totally agree no fan fiction, or fan made up characters... but hasbro seems to be going with it.

The fact that the show has some characters that do not only recur a lot, recur next the the same pony everytime, but sometimes occur sometimes twice in the same crowd at the same moment... is the kind of angle I am thinking of.

So searching for the fan named characters could link to a page on the way background characters are handled in the show, and an aside on the fan reaction?


The main reason I removed the three names is that pages on the characters should be made primo, then other pages can link to it, as leaving a link to G4 Bon Bon unexplained could lead to confusion among people not familiar with the fanon. Secondly, one of the names, Lyra, is no longer relevant as she has gotten a canon name (Heartstrings). Chances are high that when the next wave of blindbags hit the stores, the few remaining fanon-named characters will also finally receive canon names, making it moot now to request pages on their fanon names. If no one wants to write the pages now, why bother putting up misleading information? Homebrew 02:14, 12 November 2011 (EST)