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There were five different variants of G1 Baby Bow Tie released. None were released in the US.

UK Baby Bow Tie

G1 Baby Bow Tie
MIB Baby Bow Tie

Baby Bow Tie is a G1 Baby Pony. She was sold in selected European countries, including the UK.

Pony Stats

G1 Baby Bow Tie's Symbol
  • Pose: Baby Ember Pose
  • Body Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: 4 pink bows


Backcard Stories

Media Appearances

Catalog pamphlet

Colombian Baby Bow Tie

need photo!

Greek Baby Bow Tie

G1 Greek Baby Bow Tie
Greek Baby Bow Tie's hooves have no markings


Peruvian Baby Bow Tie

Peruvian Baby Bow Tie

Spanish Baby Bow Tie

Spanish Baby Bow Tie MOC - Image © Babydoll
Spanish Baby Bow Tie
no country marked on hooves



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