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Equestria Girls Fluttershy is a humanoid version of the G4 pony Fluttershy, as depicted in the Equestria Girls series.

Media Appearances

The human version of Fluttershy is a counterpart to the pony Fluttershy, that resides in an alternate world. She attends Canterlot High School and similarly to her counterpart, is shy and known for working with animals. She was once friends with the human counterparts of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, but their friendship was broken up by Sunset Shimmer. When Twilight Sparkle comes from Equestria in pursuit of a crown (actually the Element of Magic) Sunset Shimmer had stolen, Fluttershy is the first of the group to bond with Twilight. It is learned that Fluttershy had actually found the crown. Believing it to be a fake meant to be used for an upcoming dance, Fluttershy turned the crown into the principal, forcing Twilight to enter a competition for Princess of the Fall Formal to retrieve it.

During the final showdown with Sunset Shimmer, the crown's magic grants Fluttershy pony-like features, including pony ears, pegasus wings and a long ponytail resembling a real pony tail. These features remained for a short time, though Fluttershy returns to normal after Twilight returns to Equestria.


Basic Fluttershy

Basic Fluttershy face

The basic Fluttershy doll featured a glittery purple painted on top, skirt, and matching boots. She also had a brush and wings that could attach to her back.

Dress Up Fluttershy

Dress-Up Fluttershy
Dress-Up Fluttershy face
stock photo
stock photo

This version featured articulation at the knees and elbows. She came with two outfits, with matching boots and accessories, and a pair of wings. A clip-in hair extension was also included. The colors vary on these. There is one set with clear wings and others have purple wings. Also, the jewelry and purse accessories are sometimes pink, purple, or blue. Her hair is pink with a few streaks that are darker and a section that is extra long to simulate a tail. She has pink and glittery gold eyeshadow and three butterflies on her right cheek.

Pep Rally

stock photo
stock photo

Fluttershy was included as part of a set that included Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Luna. Fluttershy came with a pink cheerleader's outfit and boots and a matching pom-pom.

Rainbow Rocks Single

stock photo
stock photo

The Rainbow Rocks version of Fluttershy included her band outfit from the "Perfect Day for Fun" music video, along with wings and a pair of headphones. Fluttershy also had multicolored streaks in her hair.

Doll & Pony Set

Fluttershy Doll & Pony Stock Photo.jpg


Neon Fluttershy
Neon Fluttershy face

Neon Fluttershy has pink hair with a purple and a green stripe. Her right leg is purple and her left leg is pink. She has a pink butterfly over her right eye and pink eyeshadow around her left eye.

Rockin' Hairstyle

Rockin' Hairstyle Fluttershy
Rockin' Hairstyle Fluttershy face

This version of Fluttershy wears her outfit from the "Friendship Through the Ages" music video. Her elbows and knees are jointed. She has aqua and pink eyeshadow and a buttersfly over her left eye. Her hair is a blend of two shades of pink. There are holes in her ears for her earrings.

Time to Shine

stock photo

Equestria Girls Collection

Collection Fluttershy
Collection Fluttershy face

This Fluttershy has pink hair, pink eyeshadow, and three butterflies on her left cheek. She wears her main outfit from the first three movies.

Sporty Style

Sporty Style Fluttershy
Sporty Style Fluttershy face

Sporty Style Fluttershy has blended hot pink and light pink hair, pink and aqua eyeshadow, and three butterflies on her right cheek. Her elbows and knees are jointed and her right arm has a painted on purple arm guard.

School Spirit

Fluttershy School Spirit Face.jpg
stock photo


stock photo

Fluttershy was released wearing her outfit from the fashion show in the Legend of Everfree movie.

Crystal Gala

stock photo


Budget Fluttershy
Budget Fluttershy face

The Budget Fluttershy has an aqua and purple molded top and shoes that are molded onto her feet. Most of her hair is molded, but she does have a pink ponytail. There are three butterflies on her left cheek.

Budget Version 2

stock photo


Redesigned Fluttershy

This version of Fluttershy has jointed elbows, light pink hair, and pink eyeshadow. She wears her outfit introduced in the "Forgotten Friendship" special.


McDonalds Fluttershy

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