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'''My Pretty Parlour'''
#REDIRECT [[Ivy#My Pretty Parlor with Ivy]]
[[Image:.JPG|thumb|[[G2 Playsets|G2]] Pretty Parlour]]
<gallery caption="Pretty Parlour Accessories" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="2">
File:Ivy's parlour basket.JPG|[[G2 Baskets|Hot pink basket]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Combs/Brushes|Brush that can apply flowers to the hair]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Mushroom Shaped Hair dryer]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Coloured Bottles]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Coloured Bottles]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Hair clips|Purple Ribbon]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Hair clips|Pink Ribbon]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Yellow Scissors]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Combs/Brushes|Yellow Comb]]
'''My Pretty Parlour Story'''
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