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Apple goblins, the species
The Apple Goblin, the individual

Apple Goblin sometimes refers to a species of goblin and sometimes to one particular goblin who ensures a good crop of apples.

The apple goblins are a kind of mischievous goblin with spiky hair and little tails who enjoy playing tricks with apples. They can juggle apples, make them disappear, and make them magically dance.

The Apple Goblin is a green-skinned goblin with goat-like ears. Every year the ponies decorate the orchard in red ribbons, sing the Apple Song, and Sweet Apple offers the Apple Goblin a tiny golden apple tree. If the Apple Goblin is pleased, he will shake his tambourine to ensure a bumper crop of apples.


  • My Little Pony comic #2 - The apple goblins (the species) help the baby ponies play a trick on Applejack. [1]
  • My Little Pony comic #199 - Applejack and Spike help the other ponies find a tiny golden apple tree for the Apple Goblin (the individual).


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