Baby, It's Cold Outside

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Baby, It's Cold Outside
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 41-42
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) November 10-11, 1986
Writer(s) Gordon Kent
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The Would Be Dragonslayer Crunch the Rockdog

Baby, It's Cold Outside is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the fifteenth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 10th – 11th November 1986


  • Episode 1 The adult ponies are out side playing in the snow. Baby Tiddley-Winks sees this and wakes the other Baby ponies up to join them. Truly gets them to build a snow pony while Galaxy is worried the snow fall isn’t natural for this time of year. The ponies carry on having fun regardless. Two little birds a yellow duck named Sunny and a penguin named Edgar are on their way to see Edgar’s dad King Chalatan to ask why everything is so cold. He tells them there will be no place for anyone soon but us penguins. He’s using his icy stare and a magnifying machine to blast a cold wind to freeze the world over. Edgar’s father is planning to take over the world but Edgar doesn’t want to join in with him. The king freezes Sunny so Edgar won’t be listening to his way of life anymore. The ponies realise Galaxy was right and the weather is oddly cold so they send North Star to fetch Megan she fails to fight the cold to fly to Megan, the others try but Surprise is the only one to make it through. Megan was worried about the ponies when she saw the rainbow freeze over, asking if Surprise could make it back she springs some wing mittens for Surprise, that she made herself. Getting back to the other Galaxy has the idea to go north where it’s always coldest as she feels they’ll find the source of the cold. Sea Shimmer and Surf Rider who are trapped under the icy water lead the ponies to a maze that leads to an abominable snowman.
  • Episode 2 We join the group just as the abominable snowman goes to strike. It chases them about the place before King Chalatan guards take them prisoner. We see lots of animals froze and Edgar putting a blanket over Sunny, he hides as Megan and co are sent to a cell with in this room. Galaxy tells us her horn warms up when it light up so she uses that to melt the bars of ice. They break out and Edgar explains what’s going on and that the castle is booby trapped. He guides the ponies through the castle that set off some of the traps, to King Chalatan. King Chalatan tries to freeze the ponies but freeze Edgar instead. The ponies ask how he could be so cold and he begins to cry over Edgar. King Chalatan tells the ponies what’s done is done and it can’t be undone but Edgar that the kings tears upon his head have melted him free, talks to the king. He realises love brought his son back and Galaxy sends her warming light through the magnifying machine. Sunny melts and it puts everything back to normal.



Baby, It's cold outside



Bettina Bush as Megan
B. J. Ward as Surprise, North Star
Sherry Lynn as Galaxy
Nancy Cartwright as Truly (1), Surf Rider (1) Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty (1)
Katie Leigh as Baby Tiddley-Winks (1)
Unknown actor as Sea Shimmer (1), King Chalatan and Edgar, Sunny

Non-speaking appearences by Heart Throb, Lofty, Sundance, Whizzer, Wind Whistler

Crew and Credits


  • E1 At the start as we go in through the window we see Baby Tiddley-Winks sleeping with no games boards on the bed, As we then pan to her bed it’s Baby Cuddles with checkers and cards on the sheets. Then when Baby Cuddles disappears under the sheets it’s Baby Tiddley-Winks again.
  • E1 When Sunny is frozen in the next scene not a bit of ice surrounds him.
  • E1 Baby Sundance is next to North Star during the song even though she’s not present at the time.
  • E1 At the end of the song Posey joins the group even though she wasn’t present in the line up.
  • E1 As Surprise says “I don’t know my wings are cold” after crossing the rainbow, her leg oddly jumps from one spot to another.
  • E2 As the ponies running from the snow man, Surprise is missing her cutie mark.
  • E2 After the snowman grabs an icicle Sundance is next to Surprise, When they’re close up it’s North Star.
  • E2 As Megan calls Galaxy, North Star over here and runs towards them, Surprise gets North Star’s colours for a split second.
  • E2 For a split second as the ponies are being put in the cage, Sundance’s cutie mark disappears. Then North Star is seen near the bars yelling to be let out before next being far away trying to dig her way out.
  • E2 King Chalatan Black buttons flash white as he says “Well what are you waiting for?”
  • E2 When King Chalatan freezes Edgar his crown falls off onto the floor. After the guard asks "But sire, what of the prince?" the frozen Edgar is shown wearing his crown and when Megan is singing and goes over to Edgar, Edgar's crown is back on the floor again.
  • E2 When King Chalatan is crying while his tears fall on Edgar, Edgar’s crown is not frozen. In the next shot it is frozen.


  • Final speaking role for Surf Rider and Water Lily

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