Bed and Crib Set

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Bed and Crib set
MIB Bed and Crib set
Printed list of items included on original box. Image © Babydoll
nappy - the set came with two of these. Images © Babydoll

The Bed and Crib set was an UK exclusive playset. The set was only released in the UK and Europe in 1993. Meant to go with the Surprise Twins Pony set and her twins as a maternity ward.
The playset is very hard to find as it was released in the final years of the MLP line, where sales were markedly lower than in MLP's heyday. The quality of the playset was much lower and therefore broke easily when kids played with it, so was quite often thrown away. The small accessories were easily lost.
The set itself doesn't really fit for an adult pony, making some believe it to be a set firstly designed for another toy line, but got released as a My Little Pony set in the end.

Accessories & Set picture courtesy of Linda van Leeuwen

Nappy pictures courtesy of Babydoll

Bed and Crib Story

In the nursery, Nurse Tenderheart was gently rocking the tiny newborns to sleep in their very own crib. Kind Nurse Loveheart was there to look after Mummy Pony.

I'm so tired", said Mummy Pony. "I think I'll go to bed now and rest, because tomorrow I want to play all day with the twins."

"That will be fun!" said Nurse Sweetheart, pulling back the bed covers. "Now it's time to rest."

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