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G4 Pinkie Pie's extensive blind bag and figurine releases are collected here.

Pinkie Pie Figurine

G4 Pinkie Pie figurine (stock photo)

The entire Mane Six are released with almost every Blind Bag/figurine set.


MIB US figurine four-pack

Single on Card

G4 Pinkie Pie figurine
G4 Pinkie Pie figurine MOC
G4 Pinkie Pie Backcard

Availability: US, Canada, and UK

PINKIE PIE keeps her pony friends laughing and smiling all day! Cheerful and playful, she always looks on the bright side. This little pony figure is ready to play! Posed right in the middle of prancing, your PINKIE PIE pony figure has such a cheerful face because she loves to spend time with you. Act out fanciful stories about pony pals or just take her with you as you go about your day — she’s always happy to come along! Ages 3 and up.

suggested US retail: $1.99

Ponies released in this set are:

Puzzle House

Puzzle House

Available mostly in Germany/German and very rare in the US(?).

  • 2011
  • Includes pony figure (Twilight, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy)
  • Includes a 24 piece, double-sided puzzle featuring character on one side and garden floor on other for play.
  • Box unfolds to create miniature house

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Box Set

Pinkie Pie variants - single on left, TRU pack on right

The Toys 'R Us Exclusive 12-pack contains the mane six and six new G4 characters (different from Euro blind wave II), that are all G3 up-cycles.

  • released 2011
  • US exclusive?

Blind Bag Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie variants - single on left, TRU pack on right

  • Pinkie Pie doesn't appear in the Fifth Blind Bag Set

Collector Cards

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