Blue Ribbon Blues

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Blue Ribbon Blues
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 7 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 14, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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The Great Lemonade Stand Wars Roll Around the Clock

"Blue Ribbon Blues" is the thirteenth episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Roll Around the Clock". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Sweetheart and Teddy are out for a picnic, but of course Teddy can't resist acting like a jerk. He steals Sweetheart's picnic basket, forcing her to chase after him. The chase ends when Teddy trips over a log and the basket falls down in the nearby river. Sweetheart is furious and demands he gets her stuff back to shore. Teddy, however, has a mild case of hydrophobia and refuses. Sweetheart laments Teddy's inability to do anything other than upsetting people, to which Teddy, uncertain what other qualities he actually has, counters that he is good at farming. Trying to sound convincing, he mention he has family who owns a farm and that they could go there if she'd want to. Sweetheart responds enthusiastically, saying she'll get permission from her parents to go. Teddy reluctantly agrees to call his cousin as soon as he gets home.

Some time later, Sweetheart and Teddy arrive at the farm. Corny, Teddy's cousin, shows them around and takes them to the chicken coop to collect eggs. Teddy tries to impress Sweetheart by pretending he knows how to deal with chickens, but though he manages to get the eggs, he also manages to get chased out by an angry chicken mob. His flight brings him to bump into Yorky, the Meadowsweets' prize pig, which is the start of enmity between them. Corny and Sweetheart catch up with Teddy, who hands over the eggs he collected - all broken, of course. Sweetheart asks about Yorky and Corny introduces him, mentioning he is sure to win a blue ribbon at the fair tomorrow. Teddy mocks the little pig, calling him fat and ugly, which earns him a mudbath from Yorky.

The rest of the day doesn't go much better for Teddy. His inexperience, arrogance and laziness almost are more a blight than a help to the Meadowsweets and what's worse, Sweetheart enjoys herself greatly on the farm and gets close with Corny. That evening, Teddy goes to Corny while he's cleaning up Yorky to tell him to keep away from Sweetheart. Corny merely replies it's Teddy's own actions who drive her away from him. Yorky tries to assist Corny by splashing Teddy with water, causing Teddy to attack and insult Yorky before returning to his room.

But Yorky is a vengeful pig. When everyone is fast asleep, he sneaks into Teddy's room to steal his precious secret teddy bear. Teddy wakes up, though, and the ensuing struggle results in the teddy bear being ripped apart. At that moment, the Meadowsweets and Sweetheart enter the room, alerted by the noise. Corny asks if the teddy bear is Teddy's, which Teddy denies, claiming he brought it along as a surprise gift for Daisy, Corny's little sister. Daisy joyfully accepts the gift, especially when Sweetheart promises she will repair it for her as soon as she can. As the situation is cleared up, Mr and Mrs Meadowsweet order everyone back to bed. Teddy tries to thank Sweetheart for not revealing the teddy bear is his, but can't get out the words.

The next morning, Teddy gets up early to terrorize Yorky while the little pig has yet to wake up. Yorky runs off in fear, handing Teddy the vengeance he sought. As he's laughing maniacally, Corny and Sweetheart enter the stable and ask where Yorky is. Teddy lies he was gone when he came in, resulting in Corny running out to find his prize pig. Sweetheart knows Teddy has to have been involved in the pig's disappearance and makes no secret of her anger before going after Corny.

Yorky, meanwhile, has gotten himself stuck between a rock and a log in the nearby forest's river. Corny finds him and frees him, but in doing so gets stuck himself. His cries for help draw the attention of Teddy, who had also gone looking for Yorky. Despite his hydrophobia, he jumps into the water to save his cousin, a deed witnessed by Sweetheart. Upon reaching the shore, Sweetheart voices her admiration that Teddy overcame his fear of water to save another.

Later, at the fair, Teddy wins a plush pig, but is distressed at seeing Daisy walk off with his teddy bear. Sweetheart, he and the Meadowsweets attend the competition Corny has signed Yorky up for and get to cheer when the little pig is declared the winner. This gives Teddy an idea to get his teddy bear back. He convinces Daisy she'd rather have a brand new plush pig to match the prize pig of her big brother than the damaged teddy bear and the two trade toys. Sweetheart is proud of the way Teddy handled the possible loss of his teddy bear and agrees he has a good side after all. Teddy is glad he's in Sweetheart's grace again, but does beg her to keep quiet about his good side.



Corny: "Teddy, help me!"
Teddy: "I'm... I'm afraid of the... the water."
Corny: "There's nothing to be afraid of. Come on! Help me!"
Teddy: *jumps in* "Huh, you're right. This is fun!"
Corny: "Hey, what about me?!"

Fair merchant: "Okay, here's your prize, pal."
Teddy: "Oh no, not a pig!"

Sweetheart: "You know what I think, Teddy? I think you have a good side after all."
Teddy: "Yeah well, just don't tell anybody, okay?"


It's Harvest Time

It's harvest time - come along with me
It's harvest time - wait till you see
The combine machine - it does two jobs
It cuts down the corn stalks and strips off the cobs

It's harvest time - we've got bushels of fun
It's harvest time - there's so much to get done
Doing the chores we have to do
But we're having fun spending harvest time with you

It's harvest time - come on, everyone, join in
It's harvest time - here's how we begin
We shovel the grain - we pack up the sacks
We pop it up for popcorn - we never relax

It's harvest time - so much to be done
It's harvest time and we're having fun
Doing the chores we have to do
We're all having fun spending harvest time...
We're all having fun spending harvest time...
I'm having fun spending harvest time with you


Animation errors

  • For a few shots when the Meadowsweets and Sweetheart come look what all the noise in Teddy's room is about, Mr Meadowsweet has very thickly drawn eyebrows.
  • As Daisy asks "Now?" on when Sweetheart will fix the teddy bear, she suddenly wears her green hat. It's gone the next shot.
  • The teddy bear's stuffing is nowhere to be seen on the floor towards the end of the scene.
  • During the fair scene, Sweetheart's bag disappears for a moment after Daisy picks up teddy bear and declares it hers.
  • Teddy gets attacked by a brown headed chicken even though they’re all white before and after he’s chased away.
  • For a split second Sweethearts cutie mark vanishes as she nuzzles Teddy from saving Corny from the river.


  • The Meadowsweets were released in Year Ten of the toyline as part of the Family Friends and Family Baby Ponies set. The exception is Corny, who was specifically created for the My Little Pony Tales cartoon, a trait he shares with the other "Year Ten" family eldest children Logan Berrytown and Moki Sunbright.
  • The Meadowsweets (minus Corny) also appeared in the UK comic series, but the familial bond between Teddy and them is unique to the cartoon.
  • "Blue Ribbon Blues" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005.

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