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US Carry Case
US Carry Case Sides
Second Version US Carry Case
Second Version US Carry Case

The carry case is designed to resemble a stable and holds six ponies. There is also a larger type called Collectors Case. Two versions were sold in the US. The first has a yellow handle, closes with velcro, and all the "windows" are closed. The second version has a pink handle, closes with a pink strap, and has ponies looking out the "windows" of the stable.

Carry Cases were othen released with a small sticker card, which included names on ponies.

UK Carry Case

Variant I

UK Carry Case front
UK Carry Case back

There were also carry cases sold in the UK and available via Mail Order. The first of the UK carry cases featured ponies which were released as UK exclusives, Snowflake, Honey Comb and Hopscotch.

Greek Carry Case


The same design was also released in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. But then with My Little Pony on one side and Mon Petit Poney on the other.

Italian Carry Case


This case is identical to the greek case but say "My Little Pony" on it and "Made in Italy" on the underside.

German Carry Case

Artwork featuring Sand Digger, Tap Dancer, Flowerburst, Baby Paws, Snookums.

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