Celebration Salon

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Celebration Salon
Celebration Salon
Celebration Salon
Celebration Salon MIB

The Celebration Salon is a Generation 3 playset released in 2003 that includes Amberlocks. Outside of the US, it is called the Lovely Locks Salon. A later second release exclusive to Toys R Us includes bonus ponies Minty, Meadowbrook, and Autumn Skye. The salon was released a third time in 2004 with bonus ponies Peri Winkle, Triple Treat, and Skywishes. Accessory colors vary, and the playset includes only one of each accessory type unless otherwise noted. Hoof magnet-activated features of the playset are a cash register with opening drawer and spinning jewelry rack and a vanity that opens to reveal a salon sink.

Celebration Salon Story

Whenever there is a celebration in Ponyville, this special salon becomes the busiest place in town. All the ponies are here today to get dressed up for the PONYVILLE CELEBRATION, and AMBERLOCKS is helping her friends look prettier and fancier then ever! As she comes and styles their hair, AMBERLOCKS helps them choose their best party outfits....and tells the latest stories of PONYVILLE too!

There's so much to do before the party begins! With your help AMBERLOCKS, and her pony friends can make this the best celebration ever!

  • Wash and dry the ponies hair
  • Create beautiful hair styles
  • Try on fancy outfits
  • Ring up your new purchases at the cash register

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