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Amberlocks' symbol
G3 Amberlocks

Amberlocks was first released with the Celebration Salon (or the "Lovely Locks Salon," as it was called in the UK). The Salon was re-released twice with difference bonus ponies. Amberlocks was finally released in a new pose in 2007 as a 25th Anniversary single.


Pony Stats

Backcard Stories

Whenever there is a celebration in Ponyville, this special salon becomes the busiest place in town. All the ponies are here today to get dressed up for the PONYVILLE CELEBRATION, and AMBERLOCKS is helping her friends look prettier and fancier then ever! As she comes and styles their hair, AMBERLOCKS helps them choose their best party outfits....and tells the latest stories of PONYVILLE too!

There's so much to do before the party begins! With your help AMBERLOCKS, and her pony friends can make this the best celebration ever!

Media Appearances

Amberlocks (left), Flitter Flutter (middle) and Apple Spice (right) in "Twinkle Wish Adventure".

Animated pony stats

Amberlocks appears in "Twinkle Wish Adventure".

Year One (2003)

Celebration Salon

G3 Amberlocks I
Celebration Salon MIB

Amberlocks I

Celebration Salon Accessories

Variations Similar to Original release

Year Two (2004)

Variations Similar to Original release

Year Five (2007)


Variations Body: Her body is completely matte, new pose

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