Friends Are Never Far Away

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Friends Are Never Far Away
Generation 3
My Little Pony: Butterfly Island
Availability DVD sold with Hidden Treasure Pony
Release Date 2005
Writer(s) Jeanne Romano
Director(s) John Grusd
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Dancing in the Clouds A Very Minty Christmas
G3 Friends Are Never Far Away DVD

Nothing's as much fun as making new friends! So Sky Wishes and Star Catcher want everyone in Ponyville and butterfly island to meet and get to know each other. But there's a problem. Pegasus ponies are very, very shy! Sky Wishes and Star Catcher decide the only way to bring their frieds togethers is to have a high-flying party with fun games, music and even a mile hgh sundae! But getting two sets of friends together isn't as easy as it looks! In fact, it's an adventure!

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