Friends Are Never Far Away

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Friends Are Never Far Away
Generation 3
My Little Pony: Butterfly Island
Availability DVD sold with Hidden Treasure Pony
Release Date 2005
Writer(s) Jeanne Romano
Director(s) John Grusd
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Dancing in the Clouds A Very Minty Christmas

The episode is 22 minutes long and was released around the middle of 2005 to DVD. (The earliest date is 27th August 2005). It was a direct to home video release and it was packaged with a G3 Pegasus pony called Hidden Treasure. The episode was also a bonus episode on the DVD of My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow along side another bonus episode Greetings from Unicornia.


We join Sky Wishes and Star Catcher on Butterfly Island where Sky Wishes, wishes the fun would never end. They decide the pair want each other to meet each others set of friends. Sky Wishes decide to throw a party in Ponyville where Star Catcher’s shy Pegasus pony friends, can meet her earth pony friends. The earth ponies find it hard to believe there are such ponies as Pegasus ponies but go along with the party anyways, while Star Catcher convinces the Pegasus ponies to go to the party. The Pegasus ponies remain shy and take their time in getting to the party, once making it through the rainbow waterfall they even have a nap before hand. Sky Wishes and Pinkie Pie are still working on a song for them, for the party when they wake the Pegasus ponies up from a near by tree. The Pegasus ponies scatter off in the wrong direction back home. So Star Catcher changes the party plan and they take the party to the Butterfly Island. The Pegasus ponies all gain more confidence and have a great time at the party.



G3 Friends Are Never Far Away DVD

Nothing's as much fun as making new friends! So Sky Wishes and Star Catcher want everyone in Ponyville and Butterfly Island to meet and get to know each other. But there's a problem. Pegasus ponies are very, very shy! Sky Wishes and Star Catcher decide the only way to bring their friends together is to have a high-flying party with fun games, music and even a mile high sundae! But getting two sets of friends together isn't as easy as it looks! In fact, it's an adventure!


  • Friends Are Never far Away

Pinkie Pie:
Make a new friend everyday
Learn a brand new game to play
See the world a whole new way
When you make a new friend everyday
Sky Wishes:
Ha ha Don’t be shy,
Pinkie Pie:
Sky Wishes:
Make a chocolate cream parfait
Bake a cake or do ballet
Fun is never far away
When you make a new friend everyday
Ha ha ha ha
(Come on, this is fun, yeah)
I start singing, You start singing
It’s the sweetest song
Two together just sounds better
Come on sing along
(Sing along)
Make a new friend everyday
Learn a brand new game to play
Happy times are here to stay
When you make a new friend oh the fun never ends
When you make a new friend everyday


Sweetberry, Island Delight, Pinkie Pie, Sky Wishes, Twinkle Twirl, Coconut Cream, Star Catcher, Rainbow Dash, Cotton Candy, Wysteria, Sparkleworks, Apple Spice, Bowtie, Thistle Whistle, Coconut Grove, Triple Treat, Honolu-Loo

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  • When Pinkie Pie says "But I believe in you, Sky Wishes”, Sky Wishes' mane fringe is pink instead of the usual purple.
  • As Star Catcher says “They’re a little shy” when Sky Wishes asks where are her friends, Star Catcher’s mane fringe is blue instead of white.
  • When Coconut Grove faces the other ponies saying “I was the first to promise Star Catcher” Thistle Whistle’s mane is colored yellow to pink instead of pink to yellow.
  • As The Pegasus Ponies fly away from the tree after their nap, Sky Wishes and Pinkie Pie swap places.
  • The second balloon to fly past the screen when the ponies are on their way to Butterfly Island contains a Pinkie Pie and Sky Wishes who are already at Butterfly Island.
  • When it’s Sky Wishes time to sing in the song, her mane is colored pink rather than red. This also occurs when she meets Honolu-Loo.

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