Greetings from Unicornia

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This animated episode is 9 minutes long (including credits) and was released September 12, 2006 to DVD. It was a short episode included in the bonus features of The Runaway Rainbow (US only) DVD release.


The ponies are out playing with a ball, when a rainbow knocks Pinkie Pie over and a post card drops out of it. It’s from Rainbow Dash, everyone runs over to find out what she has to say. Rainbw Dash is at Rainbow Castle in Unicornia. She says how much she misses them all and wishes that they were there. She says “Rarity gave her a tour of the Crystal Castle” then it cuts to Rarity showing Rainbow Dash around. Rarity shows off their “Hello Hello” arch which echoes everything they say. They then find a rainbow door and it’s filled with big bouncy balls. They go bouncing on them around the room and out the window. After a song Rainbow Dash gets Rarity to post the postcard for her. We see it reach the ponies by rainbow and as Puzzlemint reads out “Wish you were here”, Rainbow Dash and the unicorns appear in their carriage to join the other ponies.



  • Suggested retail: $12.99
  • DVD Release Date: September 12, 2006
  • Run Time: 30 minutes



Rarity, Minty, Pinkie Pie, Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Cotton Candy, Cheerilee, Brights Brightly, Whistle Wishes, Wysteria, Puzzlemint, Apple Flitter, Bumble Hum, Feeling Flitter, Flutter Line, Fine Shine, Fly Wishes, Ice Scoop, Night Shine, Rise-a-Shine, Shine-a-Belle

Crew and Credits


  • When Pinkie Pie reads the post card is from Rainbow Dash, Puzzlemint’s mane colours change places when they do a close up of her head.
  • Puzzlemint asks “is she having fun Pinkie Pie?” but you can clearly see Puzzlemint’s mouth in the top left corner not moving.
  • When Rarity walks into here room, her horn is drawn larger then the full length movie and keeps changing between the sizes.
  • As Rainbow Dash and Rarity bounce towards the window after Rainbow dash points, neither of them have their cutie marks.
  • As Rainbow Dash and Rarity fall from the window, Rainbow Dash is missing her mark and her tail is behind her body.
  • As the song starts Rarity is in the bottom right corner and Bright Brightly is the one missing, as we zoom in Rarity appears starting off the song in the stand even though she’s just been seen in the corner. Bright Brightly stays missing till they appear by carriage.

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