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Super Long Hair Rarity

Rarity was released as a Super Long Hair Pony. She was the first Unicorn in Ponyville!

Pony Stats



Media Appearances

Rarity in "The Runaway Rainbow".

Animated Pony Stats

Rarity appears in "Runaway Rainbow", "Come back, Lily Lightly" and "Greetings from Unicornia" as baby unicorn.

Backcard Stories

For Super Long Hair Rarity:

For Favorite Friends Rarity:


Year Four (2006)

Super Long Hair Rarity

Super Long Hair Rarity

Ponies released in this set are:

Licensing Show Rarity

Rainbow Princess Castle


Styling Rarity


Ponies released in this set are:

Year Five (2007)

Australian 4 pack

Best Friends Assortment


Ponies released in this set are:

Mexican Ponies

Mexican Rarity in Walking Pose
Mexican Rarity MIB
Mexican Rarity Backcard

One Mexican variant of Rarity is in the Donkey Pose. Another Mexican variant is is the Walking Pose, pictured below. Another is in a strange position, with her back right leg sticking out straight and her head tilted back like in ponies in the Diva Pose. This Rarity was packaged with Royal Bouquet, and they came with a lavender wand accessory, a pink flower hair clip, a pink bow tie hair clip, and a yellow brush. This Rarity and Royal Bouquet were very unusual, because they were in unique poses and both ponies have smaller-than-usual heads. All variants have the same colors and symbols as their US counterparts, except neither of them have a horn. These variants are also smaller than the US versions, and are made with hard plastic rather than rubber.

Make Me Better Rarity

MIB Make Me Better Rarity

Rarity was also released as a So Soft - Make Me Better with Rarity the Unicorn

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