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G3 2007 Lily Lightly
G3 2007 Lily Lightly Symbol

Lily Lightly was released in 2006. She is made up of hard plastic, when you press the button on her chest her eyes close and her horn lights up, when you release the button her dress lights up!

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Rarity Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Light pink, pink, and purple
  • Eye Colour: Blue with light blue
  • Symbol: Pink lily flower on a blue stem with little stars below it
  • Hoof Heart: Pale pink

Backcard Stories

  • Birthday Month: August
  • Favorite Color: every color of the rainbow!
  • Favorite gem: Diamonds
  • Favorite thing to do: giggling so much that my horn lights up!

Media appearances

Lily Lightly in "Come back, Lily Lightly".

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Light purple
  • Hair Colour: Light pink, pink, and purple mane, pink and blue tail
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Pink lily flower

Lily Lightly starred in the A Very Pony Place story Come Back, Lily Lightly. Organizer of the Night of a Thousand Lights, she became embarrassed by having her horn glow when giggling. Ashamed of being different, she ran away from Unicornia. After some reassuring words from a friendly firefly and several friends, Lily Lightly returned to town to find that they were accepting of her differences and happy to have her back.


  • Lily Lightly 2006
  • Lily Lightly 2006 Bonus Pack with Lulabelle
  • Lily Lightly 2006 Bonus Pack with Yesterdaisy

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