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Tirek is a G1 Antagonist who serves as the main villain of the My Little Pony Special. He resembles a centaur, but with bright red skin and bull-like horns. His name on the back of the Firefly's Adventure Videotape, that came with the movie version Firefly, is spelled Tearak.

Media Appearances

Tirek is a demonic creature who resides in Midnight Castle. Tirek was capable of unleashing the Rainbow of Darkness, which was held in a pouch around his neck. The Rainbow of Darkness was the source of Tirek's power, and allowed him to forcibly transform others. He has many underlings, most of whom were magically transformed in some manner. His main lackey was Scorpan, a former prince who was now a gargoyle-like creature; Scorpan's loyalty was mostly forced, as Tirek would threaten Scorpan's close friend Spike.

Tirek's main goal was to bring about neverending night, which he could unleash using his Chariot of Midnight. However, it required four beings to pull it. Thus, Tirek plotted to capture four ponies from Ponyland. Under orders, Scorpan captured four, but one pony, Ember was far too small and was locked in the dungeons. The fourth, Applejack, would be captured after Megan and the other ponies mounted a rescue. Tirek would then attempt to unleash his eternal night, but was ultimately defeated by the Rainbow of Light. Afterwards, Tirek's victims would regain their normal forms. Scorpan was returned to his true form as a human prince, while Tirek's army became birds and butterflies. The exception was Spike, who was always a baby dragon.


  • G1 Tirek serves as the direct inspiration for his G4 counterpart, featuring similar looks.