Happy Hearts Cottage

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German Variant of Happy Hearts Cottage
Happy Hearts Cottage Box
Happy Hearts Cottage Contents
US version
EU version
Puddles, MIP w/ Star Pick (EU version)
Happy Hearts Cottage instructions page 1
Happy Hearts Cottage instructions page 2

Happy Hearts Cottage was one of the Petite Pony Homes. It was yellow with a blue roof and blue base molded to look like grass. It included 2 pieces of white fence, railings, a bathtub, a seesaw, a vanity, and a sofa in blue and pink in the US and purple and yellow in Europe.

It came with the molded-tail Petite Pony Puddles in the US, who was pink with blue hair, and had a yellow duck holder as her symbol. The European version of Little Flitter is a ponytail pony with a blue tail and a pink bow.

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