Jewel Wizard

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The Jewel Wizard on his jewel throne
The enslaved Twinkle-Eye ponies
Applejack sends the Jewel Wizard plummeting to his death

The Jewel Wizard is a villain from the G1 comic books.

He lives deep underground in the Cave of Jewels, which is so dark that the enslaved ponies who dig up his gems eventually go blind. At least ten ponies were forced to work for the Jewel Wizard: Fizzy, Galaxy, Gingerbread, Sweetie (aka Sweet Stuff), Whizzer, Masquerade, Sky Rocket, Speedy, Locket, and Tic Tac Toe.

Applejack is also forced to work for the Jewel Wizard for a short time, but she is determined to escape and get help for the other ponies. In her haste to get out of the cave she bangs into the Jewel Wizard's jeweled throne. It shatters into a hundred pieces and the Jewel Wizard falls screaming down a deep crevice. The blind ponies have their sight restored by the jewels from the broken throne which have become lodged in their eyes, thus turning them into the Twinkle-Eye ponies.

The Jewel Wizard presumably dies in the fall; at any rate he is never heard from again.


  • "My Little Pony" #35 is his one and only appearance.[1]

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