Little Pretty Holiday Pets

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Holiday Pets in Mattel 1990 Catalog

Unreleased Holiday Pets

Holiday Pets appeared in the 1990 Mattel Catalog but were never released. The figures shown in the catalog seem to have not gotten beyond the prototype phase as evidenced by the attached paper beauty marks.

The white kitty with the green hair seems to have a Christmas Tree beauty mark, the white kitty with red hair seems to have a Candy Cane beauty mark, and the white puppy with blue hair seems to have a bluish Cookie beauty mark. Each ornament also has these symbols attached. The beauty marks or symbols would have corresponded to their respective scents.

Catalog Appearances

Mattel 1990 Catalog Blurb

Little Pretty Holiday Pets* [1]

NEW!... and all the girls shouted with glee to see Little Pretty pets hanging on their Christmas trees! Each special Holiday Pet is scented with a yummy holiday fragrance and comes in a unique, themed and decorated, transparent ornament that really can be hung on a Christmas tree. Scents include candy cane, wintergreen, and fresh baked cookies. Colors, scents and designs may vary from those shown. For ages 3 years and over. Blister card.

Name subject to change.

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