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Happy Feet w/ Cold Temp. (Polished Paws)

Happy Feet is a pink adult kitty with purple hair. Her beauty mark, or symbol, was the only one in the Polished Paws set to become a teal color when activated. She is part of the Polished Paws set where her beauty mark and nail polish would appear or disappear with the application of cold or hot temperatures, usually with an ice cube or hot water. Hot temperatures make the marks disappear and cold temperatures make them appear. Her pose made it difficult for her to stand without tipping over.

Hint: Color changing features, or decals, could be worn off after frequent rubbing of application cloth. Placing figure in freezer or fridge (for cold temps) and using a hair dryer on low heat (for hot temps) could activate the color change without damaging the decals.

Worth 1 Paw Point.

U.S.:Happy Feet
International: Happy

Toy Variants

U.S. Happy Feet

Happy Feet's Color Change Comparison
Happy Feet Symbol Color Change Comparison
Happy Feet's Hot (left) & Cold (right) Nails
Happy Feet's Underside w/ Copyright
Happy Feet's Neck w/ Copyright
Happy Feet's MIP
Happy Feet's Backcard

Happy Feet Stats

  • Pose: Walking with one paw raised
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Teal Paw Print


Backcard Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the backcards, including all errors.

Happy Feet waited nervously for the Pet Show judges. "It's my birthday," she purred. "A blue ribbon would be a perfect present!" Soon they came. One judge noticed her pretty hair; the 2nd liked her fancy ruffle. "Why her paws are polished!" said the 3rd judge, pinning the blue ribbon on her basket as she jumped for joy!

International Happy Feet (Happy)

The international version of Happy Feet is called Happy. The only difference is in the packaging.

Happy's MIP
Happy's MIP Backcard

Media Appearances

Happy Feet appeared in the 1990 Mattel Catalog (pages 86, 90).[2] Happy Feet also makes an appearance in the Mattel 1990 Holiday Toy Guide[3], the Kmart 1990 Holiday Toy Guide[4] and Mail Order Pamphlet[5].

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