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Unnamed Baby, came with Baby Buggy playset

The Baby Buggy Playset came with a bright, almost hot, pink baby kitty and a baby buggy that could transform into four other shapes. The kitten does not come with a name unless you consider the name of the playset, Baby Buggy, as her name (most people do not).

The packaging for this playset seems to not have Paw Points.

Dutch: Babywagentje
English (UK): Baby Buggy
English (US): Baby Buggy
Italian: Carrozzina
Spanish: Carrito

Toy Variants

U.S. Baby Buggy & Unnamed Baby Kitty

Unnamed Baby's Symbol
Unnamed Baby's Underside w/ Copyright
Unnamed Baby's Neck w/ Copyright
Baby Buggy's MIP
Baby Buggy's Backcard
Baby Buggy's Side

Unnamed Baby Stats

  • Pose: Sitting
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Red Heart


Baby Buggy

Backcard Story

The Baby Buggy does not come with a backcard story.

International Baby Buggy & Unnamed Baby Kitty

The international version of the Baby Buggy playset is identical to the U.S. version except that the packaging includes more languages.

Baby Buggy's MIP
Baby Buggy's MIP Backcard
Baby Buggy's MIP Bottom

Catalog Appearances

The Baby Buggy Set made a Catalog appearance in the 1990 Arco Catalog but looked notably different than the official toy release - different blanket, different colored basket, different colored wheels, and shows Little Sweets, Bow, and a pink kitten with pink hair (possibly the Unnamed kitty figure - shown in the MOC example). The entry includes not only the U.S. item number but also the International item number. [2]

Arco 1990 Catalog Blurb

This baby buggy is so much fun, it's 5 toys in one! It's a carriage that converts into a stroller, a rocker, a carrier, and a car seat! Includes a Little Pretty character and a soft cuddly blanket.

Package type: Window Box

Package Size (inches): 11 x 7 x 2 1/2

Item number (US): 8022

Item number (International): 0518

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