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Flutterina is a dark pink adult puppy with long curly dark pink hair, her symbol is a yellow butterfly.

Worth 1 Paw Point.

U.S.: Flutterina
International: Dandy

Toy Variants

U.S. Flutterina

Flutterina's Symbol
Flutterina's Underside w/ Copyright
Flutterina's Neck w/ Copyright
Flutterina's MIP
Flutterina's Backcard

Flutterina Stats

  • Pose: Sitting with front paws raised
  • Body Colour: Dark Pink
  • Hair Colour: Dark pink, curly
  • Eye Colour: Greenish Blue
  • Symbol: Yellow Butterfly


Backcard Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the backcards, including all errors.

As Flutterina set off for the party thunder roared and giant rain drops fell. "Oh, no! My pretty new hairdo!" she thought. Then she saw a plant with big leaves nearby. She gently broke off a leaf and carried it by the stem, just like a green umbrella! When she arrived at the party everyone rushed to admire her "fashionable" new hairdo!

Alternate Symbol Version

Flutterina's ALT Symbol
Flutterina's Symbol Comparison

Dramatic differences in symbols (aka beauty marks) may be the result of being produced in different factories or produced at different times.

Flutterina's alternate symbol is slightly more pinched on the bottom sections of the butterfly's wings.

International Flutterina (Dandy)

Dandy's MIP
Dandy's MIP Backcard

The international version of Flutterina is called Dandy. The packaging is different as well as the figure pictured features the 'alternative symbol'. It's currently unknown if the symbol is country relevant or merely a factory production variation.

Media Appearances

Flutterina appeared in the 1990 Mattel Catalog (page 89). She came with different accessories than those shown (a white comb and a blue ruffle). [2] She also appeared in the Mattel Girls Toys 1990 Repro Art Book[3] and Mail Order Pamphlet[4].

Item number: 7695

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