Magician Muddle

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Magician Muddle (on the bed) gets Christmas gifts

Magician Muddle is a recurring character in the G1 comic books and UK books. Although he means well, his spells often go wrong and cause problems for the ponies. Despite this they are very fond of him. He is usually drawn with a shock of yellow hair, or more rarely red or white hair.

Magician Muddle sometimes attends Sweetheart Parades with the Fun Witch.


Note: this is not a comprehensive list.

  • In "My Little Pony" #50 he tries to send the Newborn Twins chocolate mice as a gift, but accidentally brings them to his cavern.
  • In "My Little Pony" #119, Flurry, Yewi, and Sam Skittle leave Magician Muddle a book of spells for Christmas.