My Little Pony: The Movie

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My Little Pony: The Movie
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Movie
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) August 6th 1986
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Escape From Katrina The End of Flutter Valley

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In this big-screen debut of My Little Pony, the Little Ponies must stop the evil witch Hydia and her two incompetent daughters Reeka and Draggle from covering Dream Valley in a purple goo called "the Smooze". The Little Ponies find help from the friendly Grundles and the magic powers of the Flutter Ponies. But will that be enough to save Ponyland?

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It opens with the ponies getting ready for the spring festival and playing in the fresh spring air.
Spike and Baby Lickety-Split are practicing Baby Lickety-Splits’ dance routine for a show they're holding later, She’s added a new routine to the dance. Spike warns her not to use it as she’s not the star but when the show starts and Buttons introduces the Baby Pony Dancers. Baby Lickey-split walks on stage, does her unplanned routine and ruins the whole show.
Buttons tells her off for what she’s wearing and that she has spoilt the show. The baby ponies begin to pick on her and call her names as she says sorry before Baby Lickety Split runs off crying.
Spike chases after her asking her to reconsider but Baby Lickety Split packs her bag with everything in her draw but the kitchen sink then removes a feather as it’s too heavy and leaves. Spike insists he goes with her and he leaves a note for the others.

The ponies are being watched by a witch Hydia through her rock pool. She calls her daughters Reeka and Draggle over and tells them she’s unhappy the ponies are having fun and have made everything green and bright. So Hydia plans to make her daughters more evil by getting them to ruin the ponies festival. Reaching Dream castle the two daughter witches go though their dictionary/spell book of words after pulling a random one out of the air and decide to flood the place. They go to a near by stream and waterfall, say their spell and water shoots out from the waterfall. The sea ponies see what was happening and use a shell to make the water bounce off and hit the witches. After they're called cute they decide to go back home having failed.

Baby Lickey-Split makes it to a cliff edge with a waterfall crashing down then tries to fly by jumping off, she ends up falling down the cliff into some water and finds she’s stuck and can't climb back up.

They ponies learn that Baby Lickety Split is gone and go looking for her to see if she is with the Bushwoolies as she loves them.
Hydia is upset to learn her daughters have done nothing and brings out the Smooze recipe from her cupboard. She then gives them the task to get the ingredients as getting the flume was a hard job. The witches fight over which one of them will be getting the flume ingredient. The witches bring the ingredients back to Hydia and she begins making the Smooze over the volcano, the girls get worried when she reaches the bottom of the bucket and knock the bucket in to the volcano to hide the fact they’ve not collected the flume. The Smooze then comes to life and heads for Dream Castle.
The searching ponies looking for Baby Lickety Split walk right past the cliff that Baby Lickety-Split had jumped off and due to the waterfall don’t notice her and Spike even call out for help.
The ponies find the Bushwoolies and tell them about Baby Lickety split running away. The Smooze then reaches them first, they run and Gusty gets hit by it but blames Shady for being bad luck.
Magic Star and Gusty leave Shady to continue looking for Baby Lickety Split while they go back to warn the others that the Smooze is coming.
Hydia rejoices as every thing seems to be going to plan.

Baby Lickey Split is still stuck and regrets running away now. The Smooze then reaches Spike and Baby Lickety Split who then hide from it behind the waterfall as it starts cover the land. This then traps them in a cave.

The festivities are carrying on when Magic Star orders everyone into Dream Castle.
The ponies decide to get the Rainbow of Light from Megan. While there Megan convinces Wind Whistler and North Star who'd been sent to retrieve it, that she and her brother and sister Molly and Danny, could help so Megan and co joins them on their way back to PonyLand.
They land and release the Rainbow of light, it appears to be winning but then the Smooze eventually eats it and covers Dream Castle.
Hydia tells her daughters off when they blab they’ve not added something, so she threats they'll eat ice cream unless they tell her. Which they hate and they tell her it was the flume. She then flings them back out to go get the flume.

The ponies plan to rebuild Dream Castle which is now totally covered in Smooze and Megan tells them not to give up as there’s always another rainbow. The ponies decide to go see The Moochick.

The witches continue to argue about who'll get the flume; they both co-operate in the end and get it even with the weird plant creature fighting back.
The Moochick is playing checkers with his rabbit when the ponies find him and talk to him about the Smooze. So he starts offering places they can live. The rabbit hands him a drawing of The Paradise Estate and they choose that for their new home. The Moochick tells them the flutter ponies are who they need to stop the Smooze and he gives them a map to Flutter Valley. He then uses his magic to send them and The Paradise Estate back to the other ponies.

Spike and Baby Lickey-Split are tunnelling their way out of the cave and find the Grundles. The Grundles explain to them what the Smooze is by pointing at the stuff as they help them escape out of the cave.
The witches have added the flume to the Smooze while the ponies look around their new home. The Smooze starts heading back towards them so Megan, Molly, Danny, Wind Whistler, Magic star and Fizzy ride off to find Flutter Valley.

Hydia sends the girls to wake up Ahgg, they take him lunch and ask for help with getting the little ponies who have gone on the quest for Flutter Valley.

Shady sits crying because she can’t find Baby Lickey Split then end up running from the Smooze herself and she catches up to Megan and co. The new pony group have to go through over grown Sunflowers using Wind Whistler to guide them till the Smooze attacks. Then they have to run again, Megan gets stuck when a cliff falls apart beneath her feet. She tries to use a Sunflower to cross the gap but misses and falls towards the Smooze, she is saved by Wind Whistler.

The Grundles and Baby Lickety Split have to run from the Smooze too, they end up in the river on a log. Heading for a water fall, they make it to shore landing in a nice flowerily wood with a well. It starts talking back to Baby Lickety Split as she sings into it to reveal it’s a flutter pony who’s gotten stuck down there named Morning Glory. Morning glory agrees to help them with the Smooze and they leave for Flutter Valley. Meanwhile Megan and co find their way to the valley too after being attacked by the trees in Shadow forest.

They then run into Ahgg a giant spider that traps them in a cave Danny gives the spider something to eat and the ponies try to make a run for it but get stuck in Ahgg's web. Molly had heard spiders are ticklish so she begins tickling it when they see it working the rest soon join in which makes the web fall apart. They run again and get away up a cliff. The group find the flutter ponies who then hide from Megan and co. Rosedust the queen flutters over to greet them, Megan and co ask for help but the flutter ponies refuse, Morning glory arrives just in time to help change her mind. The Smooze now surrounds The Paradise Estate. Buttons has ordered everyone onto the roof and gets them to imagine the flutter ponies have arrived and they do.
Hydia is upset to see the flutter ponies winning against the Smooze. They push it back freeing the Rainbow of Light, the rainbow takes care of the witches and finishes off the Smooze putting it back in the volcano. With all the Smooze gone the ponies give Dream Castle to the Grundles who had had their home destroyed long ago by the Smooze, the flutter ponies say their good byes, the rainbow goes back into the heart and Megan gives it to Baby Lickety Split to take care of from now on.

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  • While Baby Lickety-Split is talking to Spike about her routine her cutie mark isn’t present where when she was getting up it was.
  • After Hydia pushes the girls outside at the start, when Draggle is standing up her leg disappears for a split second.
  • In the dance performance, the baby pony dancers make their way out onto the stage. Both Baby Gusty and Baby Ribbon have their horns. The camera then pans to the left where Baby Lickety-Split is. In the next shot that shows Baby Lickety-Split dancing in front of the other baby ponies; Baby Gusty and Baby Ribbon are missing their horns. When Baby Lickety-Split messes up, Baby Gusty and Baby Ribbon's horns are back.
  • While they put poor Baby Lickety-Split down the yellow baby pony Lofty first has no wings over the top of the dance skirt you can just see the tip maybe, then she does next scene.
  • Shady's Cutie mark is missing as we see them walk past the cliff Baby Lickety Split jumped off for the first time.
  • When the Smooze is attacking Dream Castle there is a shot from the inside of the castle of the Smooze coming over the wall. Shady is seen running away. But at that moment in time she should be out in Dream Valley with the purple Bushwoolie.
  • Shady’s head is at the far left of the screen when we cut to them on the hill after the Smooze has covered Dream castle, While Wind Whistler and North Star are landing the pony in the bottom right is Gingerbread who wasn’t there before and then while Magic Star is talking there’s a plain purple and white one where SweetStuff should be. In all the shots here different ponies pop in and out even though there was only five originally to start with.
  • After the Smooze has buried Dream Castle and the Ponies are on a hill Wind Whistler and North Star fly in with Megan. As they fly towards the group North Star is given Magic Star's colouring. Just before Wind Whistler and North Star land, Paradise is drawn without her wings and the Bushwoolie near her hoof is far too small.
  • Shady joins them again for a cheer when the rainbow is attacking the Smooze and when it loses standing next to Paradise.
  • The group being chased by Ahgg the giant spider after tickling him and escaping. As they run towards a nearby cliff, Gingerbread, North Star and Baby Lickety Split have somehow joined the group when Baby Lickety Split should be with the Grundles and Spike, and Gingerbread and North Star should be back at Paradise Estate. Then as they climb up the cliff to get away, you see Sweet Stuff and Gingerbread, with them. Then it cuts to a shot looking down on them climbing, and Gingerbread and Sweet Stuff have gone.
  • After they evade Ahgg the giant spider, while they stand on a cliff looking out over Flutter Valley. Fizzy's tail disappears and the lock of hair that falls behind her ear has also not been drawn in, leaving a deformed looking head.
  • When the Smooze surrounds Paradise estate Magic Star who is off with Megan and the rest at Flutter Valley can be seen running for cover with Buttons to the roof.

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