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Fan Club Poster
Powder Puff charm came with the My Little Pony Fan Club kit
Powder Puff
Membership Card

In Year Two of Generation 1 there was a US My Little Pony fan club for young pony enthusists.

The year five they created a new club to replace the old one. [1] [2]


Offer to Join insert

This pamphlet details everything you get when you join the My Little Pony Fan Club:

  • Blue Ribbon Award and Membership Card
  • Official My Little Pony Sew-on Emblem
  • My Little Pony Paper Doll to color and dress
  • My Little Pony "Powder Puff" Scented Necklace
  • Beautiful, Full-Color Poster to decorate your room

German Pony-Club

Baby Firefly Pony-Club sticker
Sweet Stuff Pony-Club sticker

Scandinavian Ponnyklubben from Sweden

Lickey Split

This club offered its members an exclusive mail order cardboard version of the Lullabye Nursery with reusable stickers. This nursery was manufactured by UniSet.

Dutch My Little Pony Fan Club

The text in the upper left hand corner translates (according to Google) to "Become a member of the My Little Pony Fan Club!" The text above the pony translates to "Look at the back of the packaging."
The text in the yellow bubble translates to "Send the voucher and you are a Pony Fan." Molly's speech bubble says "Become a member and you will receive me and a lot of other things completely free!"

The Dutch versions of at least some of the First Tooth Baby Ponies (Baby North Star, Baby Bouncy, and Baby Lickety-Split) advertise a My Little Pony Fan Club on their packaging. The information about the club on their backcards translates as follows (according to Google):

Join the My Little Pony Fan Club now!

Are you a real My Little Pony Fan? Then there is now the My Little Pony Club. The My Little Pony Club will keep you informed about the ponies, their friends and everything that is for sale from My Little Pony. Everyone who joins gets of course:

  • a My Little Pony Club Pass
  • a My Little Pony Passport
  • 4 x a year the My Little Pony Club magazine

But also…

  • a free original My Little Pony movie poster!
  • a free Molly, Megan's sweet sister!
  • free admission ticket to Pony Park Slagharen where a My Little Pony retrospective can be seen.

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