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Mommy Charms are a set of 20 charms that came free with specially marked G1 My Little Ponies during Year Six (1987-1988). Other charms made in the same mold but not part of this so named set are included here and also referred to as Mommy Charms.

The mold for this toy originated with Hasbro's Charmkins line. Charmkins were sold in the very early 80s. They are similarly sized toy charms to be worn as jewelry.

In 1983, the first "Mommy Charm" based on the Charmkins line was made. Her name is Powder Puff, she came in the membership kit for the My Little Pony Fan Club in the US. She came with a similar necklace accessory that she could be clipped to and worn as all the Charmkins did.

In 1984 the first My Little Pony Mcdonald's Happy Meal toys were sold. They were based on the Charmkins My Pixy Pony mold, but rather then a loop on her back and a rope necklace with plastic charm clip, the clip was attached to the pony and styled as a bookmark. The bookmarks are modeled on the first six My Little Ponys.

In Year Six the 20 piece Mommy Charm set appeared. Again, with the loops on their backs. They could be attached to bracelet that held five charms. It was only available by mail order.

Finally, in Year Eight the mail order exclusive pony Sweet Scoops came with tiny Mommy Charm version of herself. This charm is the most highly priced, though the Greece exclusive ones maybe more rare.


My Pixie Pony

The first appearance of the Mommy Charm mold. The toy's name is "My Pixie Pony".

Greek Charmkins

Greek Charmkins

Apparently in Greece they made crazy colored/molded Charmkins, around 1983-84.

Powder Puff

Powder Puff
Powder Puff

Powder Puff came with the My Little Pony Fan Club kit.

Mcdonalds Bookmarks

Six Mummy Charm like book marks were given out in 1984. Instead of the small loop on their backs, they had bookmark clips similar to the clips of the original Charmkins line.

Included were all six of the Collector Ponies, Blue Belle, Blossom, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Minty and Snuzzle.

Mommy Charms

G1 Mummy Charms Pamphlet (offer expired 1/31/89)
G1 Mummy Charms UK Advertisement
MOC Mirror Mirror with free pony charm inside (barely visible behind her front hooves)
MOC Baby Brother Apple Delight with free pony charm between his hooves

Mommy (or Mummy, depending on the country of origin) Charms came packaged with selected ponies. In the UK, Sundae Best and Loving Family singles featured them and they were also released with Brush 'n Grow ponies.

Collectors could send off for a free bracelet to attach them to via the loop on their back.

The set has 20 pieces. All Mommy Charms have the same pose and are approximately 1" tall.

Sweet Scoops

Sweet Scoops' charm

Mail Order exclusive pony Sweet Scoops came with a matching Mommy Charm.

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