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G1 Perm Shoppe
G1 The US label for the Perm Shoppe
The UK label for the Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon
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The UK box for the Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon (front)
The UK box for the Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon (back)
The UK box for the Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon (side)
The UK box for the Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon (detail)

The Perm Shoppe was released in 1986 and came with the pony Fifi. The playset itself is shaped like a vanity table and opens up to reveal an assortment of accessories in which you can pretty up your pony. It also features a working shower head, for washing your pony's hair.

In the UK the playset was named, The Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Salon, and as such the sticker on the inside wall above the towel rail was different, however the rest of the playset, accessories and Fifi were all identical.

It came with:

Pony Perm Shoppe Story (This text is on the US box only)

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Taffy awoke to find a curler lying beside her bed. Rolled inside the curler was a note that read, "Bring this curler to the Pony Perm Shoppe for a special surprise!" When she arrived at the shop, she found all her friends gathered outside the door, each holding a note just like hers! "I wonder what the surprise is," wondered Taffy to her friends. Just then, the door to the Perm Shoppe swung open, and Fifi appeared with fabulous curls tumbling down her back. The ponies eagerly entered the shop, peeking in the rooms for their surprise. Fifi smiled mischievously at her curious friends, then began to wash Taffy's hair. Next she sprayed Taffy's hair with a mysterious solution from a glistening bottle, and rolled her hair in curlers. In just a few minutes, she unrolled her hair and combed it out. "What gorgeous curls!" cried Locket. "They're just as beautiful as Fifi's!" cried Love Melody. "Surprise!" cried Fifi with delight. "Introducing Fifi's Fashion Foam!" The other ponies could hardly wait for their turn to use Fifi's Fashion Foam and see what spectacular results it would bring!

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