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Pony Make Up

Beauty Set

Bubble Bath

Soap Bottle

Off-brand soap bottle, came in blue and pink.
With tag.

Swedish soap bottle with strawberry scented soap. Manufactured by Jill Produkter AB in Sweden.


Mini Soap

The mini soaps were sold in multiple packs and featured artwork of either sea ponies or regular ponies on the boxes. The soap itself was pink and had the My Little Pony logo had a pony design stamped into it. They were manufactured by "Cliro Perfumeries Ltd" and copyrighted ©1984.

Soap Dishes

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Has Bow Tie on front under the My Little Pony Rainbow.

  • Bubbles
  • Cotton Candy
  • Sky Dancer


Talcum Powder

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Has Blossom on the front standing in a meadow under the My Little Pony rainbow

Toothbrush Set

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