Prancing Pretty Carousel

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version 2
MIB Prancing Pretty Carousel
Topper (Dutch Variant)
Whirly (Dutch), same pose as regular Topper, but with a combable tail and a yellow bow.
Topper's symbol, two tickets
Whirly's symbol, two pinwheels
Topper mip
Whirly mip
Prancing Pretty Carousel instructions page 1
Prancing Pretty Carousel instructions page 2

Prancing Pretty Carousel is a petite pony playset from generation 1. It came with two petite ponies Topper and Whirly. Note that the playset came with only one teapot car and two teacup cars (different colors), all of which have matching wheel colors. The white/teal/purple accessory pieces were sold in three combinations, but the main carousel parts are always pink/yellow.

Hasbro reused this playset (with some modifications) for the Littlest Pet Shop line in 1995. [1] Notably, it does not include a music box / wind up feature.>

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