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G1School House Open
G1School House Closed
Leaflet Scan
Instruction Leaflet (Front)
Instrction Leaflet (Back)

The Schoolhouse Playset is based on the schoolhouse in the tv show My Little Pony Tales.

The Schoolhouse was sold in the UK and Europe in Year Nine (1990-1991), one of 1990s school themed UK/Euro exclusive releases alongside Playschool Baby Ponies and Schooltime Ponies.

The Schoolhouse featured a pink magic board for a blackboard, which could be written on using the plastic 'pencils' included. There was also a large school bell, and cuckoo clock and many smaller accessories.

English: Schoolhouse
Spanish: Colegio
  • Bird in clock
  • Chalk board
  • Bell with green string
  • Pink low door

Schoolhouse Story

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