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G1School House Open
G1School House Closed
Leaflet Scan
Instruction Leaflet (Front)
Instrction Leaflet (Back)

English: Schoolhouse
German: Pony-Schule

The Schoolhouse was sold in the UK and Europe in Year Nine (1990-1991), one of 1990s school themed UK/Euro exclusive releases alongside Playschool Baby Ponies and Schooltime Ponies.

The Schoolhouse featured a pink magic board for a blackboard, which could be written on using the plastic 'pencils' included. There was also a large school bell, and cuckoo clock and many smaller accessories.

It was a common location in the TV show My Little Pony Tales.

English: Schoolhouse
Spanish: Colegio
  • Bird in clock
  • Chalk board
  • Bell with green string
  • Pink low door

Schoolhouse Story

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