Star Song and the Magic Dance Shoes

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This animated episode is 8 minutes long and was released in 2008 direct to DVD with a matching Starsong pony figure.


Pinkie Pie has lost Starsong’s dancing shoes. She’d looked for them everywhere and still hadn’t found them when Starsong arrives. She confesses she can’t find the shoes so Starsong suggests dancing without them but it’s not as fun. They both look some more for the shoes, they look in the closet but the shoes are under the bed and the shoes dance themselves into view. The ponies wear them and put on a dance show, asking the viewers to join them.




"/!\ WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years. Help STARSONG pony get ready for her dancing debut! Dress her in her scarf, skirt and, of course, her dancing shoes and then cheer with delight as she takes centre stage in her very own DVD adventure! Includes pony figure, DVD and accessories."

Suggested retail: $10.99



Pinkie Pie, Starsong,

Crew and Credits


  • At the start when zoomed out, the doll on the bed is next to a yellow cushion on the left, when close up it’s a pink one. Then as Pinkie Pie moves off of the bed the cushion that was pink on the right becomes yellow.
  • As Starsong puts the stereo on after Pinkie Pie says “It’s not like they just hokie pokied out of here” Pinkie Pie’s dress is lacking the Balloon button that’s drawn on both sides. It happens again as Pinkie Pie is looking in a pink, round box and again while dancing.
  • After Pinkie Pie puts down the hat and turns around to see the shoes, the flower on the front of her dress is missing and remains missing.

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