The Impractical Joker

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The Impractical Joker
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 6 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 7, 1992
Writer(s) Buzz Dixon
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Shop Talk The Great Lemonade Stand Wars

The Impractical Joker is the eleventh episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with The Great Lemonade Stand Wars. It was written by Buzz Dixon.


It begins with Melody and Patch watching the TV on a contest to win a date with The Bays lead singer Chain Link. Melody thinks the singer is gorgeous and wonders about winning and what she’ll do if she did. The door bell rings and Patch says maybe that’s him so Melody rushes off to answer it screaming. It’s only Bon bon who has news of the cooking with cup cake TV show who want Bon bon to send in a video of her baking. Patch offers to record the video for Bon bon with her fathers camera.

After Miss Hackney reminds the class term projects are due on Monday and schools out Melody’s phone rings, answering it she hears its Chain Link. She has won the contest and he wants a private date with Melody. Chain Link gets Melody to meet him at the top of the clock tower at 6pm that night. It turns out it was only Patch playing a joke on Melody.

Patch begins filming Bon bon for her cooking video. Bon bon gets nervous in front of the camera and forgets how to cook making a mess everywhere. Patch bosses Bon bon about telling her to hurry up as she is running out of tape and Bon bon ends up burning the pie she had made.

Melody worried about being late runs up the stairs of the clock tower a few at a time. She gets to the top to find Starlight who is also waiting for the date she’d won with Chain link. Then Sweetheart shows up expecting Chain Link too. Patch reveals it was her and starts laughing hysterically while the other get angry.

Monday arrives and Miss Hackney starts with Bright eyes for their term projects show and tell. The tape Bright eyes plays has a voice over of her on molecules but shows Bon bon’s failed cooking attempt, which gives the class a good laugh. Miss Hackney tells Bright eyes to turn it off and explain her self. Turns out it was Patches practical jokes again.

Later Starlight serves ice cream in the shop while Melody insists Patch has to be stopped, Bright eyes then comes up with a plan.

Patch is walking by unaware as the girls ready themselves. They’d set up arrows for Patch to follow (which she does) to a hole in the fence, Patch twigs what they’re up too and uses a stick to push through the hole in the fence the arrows are pointing too.

After a song a flying saucer zooms past in the sky that Patch follows believing it to be real. The saucer now on the ground reveal two pony shaped aliens that greet Patch. They take Patch aboard their space ship. Then say due to Patch being so smart all they want is her brain! Patch runs off and falls out of the ship into some water. Starlight and Melody reveal themselves as the aliens yelling “got ya!” at Patch. Patch doesn’t find it funny and Clover asks “what’s a matter Patch can’t take a joke?” They reveal they knew Patch would suss the fence joke and had set up another for while she was off guard. Patch warms up to it being a good joke and immediately starts planning to pull it on other ponies.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Dazzle, Hackney,


I love playing practical jokes
Dreaming them up
Planning them out
I love seeing innocent folk jump
With surprise stammer and shout.

People fall for practical jokes
Gets them off guard
Throws them off phase
I love planning an elaborate hoax
Gets them all scared and red in the face

It gives me such a tickle
When someone bites a rubber pickle
And what else can compare
to sneaking up on someone unaware.

I’ve pulled off some masterful strokes
And I have lots more I can do
(Hey who swiped our burgers and cokes?)
If you can’t guess here is a clue
Who the likeliest culprit would be
That sneaky little
Sneaky little practical joker


Animation errors

  • While Melody is turning off the TV her cutie mark is missing which can later been seen at the same angle while opening the front door.
  • Patches mouth is still moving after offering to do the tape for Bon Bon.
  • While Patch is laughing in the clock tower Sweetheart and Starlight swap positions on the close up of their faces.
  • When Bright eyes shows her term project you can see a dark blue hoof before she’s on screen (assuming it’s Lancer) when she’s on screen walking towards the desk it’s now Clover at the front desk. On her way back after starting the tap Teddy who was at the front desk next to Lancer is now behind Clover.
  • While the class is in a fit of giggles after the tap has been turned off by Bright eyes, just before Miss Hackney moves and covers her up she’s now sitting next to Clover at the front desk even though she’s still talking to Miss Hackney.
  • While dressed as Aliens Starlight and Melody have switched places as they lead Patch away from when they first arrived.
  • While they’re yelling “got ya” at Patch its Bright eyes behind Bon bon, then Clover who tells Patch they knew she would be expecting them to pull a joke on her, then Sweetheart standing with the four ponies Melody and Bright eyes having now disappeared. They can all be seen at the end Starlight and Sweetheart having now swapped places and Bon bon’s mane is now brown.

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