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CrunchtheRockdog Valentine and friend.jpg

Valentine is a yellow Earth Pony with light purple eyes that only appeared in the episode "Crunch the Rockdog". She is one of the two protagonists of a tragic romance story popular in Ponyland and seems to be fictional even within the cartoon series.


My Little Pony cartoon

Valentine and her boyfriend flee for either a duststorm or what is inside the duststorm. The two find their escape attempt made difficult by the rocky terrain and come to an agreement. Valentine's boyfriend continues the escape attempt, while Valentine stays to prevent their chaser from getting him too.


  • Valentine's identity is not clear-cut. During "Crunch the Rockdog", the animation shows that the female pony is the one leaving, but the ponies state multiple times that the one leaving is male. What likely happened is that the script called for Valentine to be the female pony and the one staying, but that her and her friend's animation models were mixed-up during production. This is why the My Little Wiki has chosen to order the two like this, with Valentine as the yellow, female one and her boyfriend as the blue, male one.
  • Valentine and her friend both lack a symbol.