Vanilla Treat

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G1 Vanilla Treat
G1 Vanilla Treat.jpg
G1 Vanilla Treat's Symbol

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Crumpet Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Yellow
  • Eye Colour: Yellow
  • Symbol: Pink birthday cake with six pink and yellow striped candles


Backcard Stories

One day an enormous cloud floated over Pony Land. It came lower and lower and the little ponies trotted towards it sniffing the air in delight "The cloud musty be full of sweet, spicy treats!" said one pony. "It's a cookery cloud!" laughed another. Then... "Wait a shake of a tail and I'll bring you a cake! I made one this morning." Soon a pony hurried out of the cloud with a big iced cake. "I'm one of the Cookery Ponies and we're so happy to be here. I'll make this cake a happy cake," she laughed. She shook her tail and the next minute candles appeared on the cake. "They're not real candles," explained the pony."They're sweet candles and they taste of vanilla I put vanilla in all the cakes I make. They're a treat to eat...that's why my friends call me Vanilla Treat!"

Media Appearances

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