Whinny Winks Inn

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Whinny Winks Inn
Whinny Winks Inn box
Petite Pony Little Flitter
Petite Pony Little Flitter (ponytail variant)
Little Flitter's Symbol
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Whinny Winks Inn was one of the Petite Pony Homes. It was pink with a white roof and green base molded to look like grass. It included 2 pieces of white fence, railings, a bed, a dresser, a dining table, and a swing in blue and pink in the US and purple and yellow in Europe.

It came with the molded-tail Petite Pony Little Flitter in the US, who was orange with pink hair, and had a green candle holder as her symbol. The European version of Little Flitter is a ponytail pony with a pink tail and a aqua bow.

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