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Plush Ponies are like stuffed animals.

A lot of this Information comes from MLTP G3 Library Thanks to Strawberry Reef.

Red Rooster PLUSH

  • Released in 2004 and ? at Red Rooster in Australia

Yarn Hair Plush


Tiny Yarn Hair

Released in 2005 at a discount chain.

Small Yarn Hair (Laying Down)

Released in 2006.

Small Yarn Hair (Standing)

Released in 2006

Small Yarn Hair (Sitting)

Released in 2005 and 2006

Easter Plush (standing)

Came in plastic purse with bunny ears. Released in 2005 at Walmart.

Medium Yarn Hair (standing)

MIP Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash

Fluffy Hair Plush

Keychain "Prize" Plush

2004 - 2005 Red Rooster Australian Exclusive

Small Plush (fluffy hair)

Large Plush (fluffy hair)

XL Plush (fluffy hair)

Floppy Pillow Plush (fluffy hair)

33" Plush w/ Butterfly Backpack

2005 Australian Exclusive

Pyjama Plush

2007 Myer, comes with a nightgown.

3' Jumbo Plush

Fabric Hair (Molded) Plush

Amusement Park/Crane Machine/Carnival Plush (full range of sizes)

Rainbow Dash
  • Nanco (Australia distributor is Hunter Leisure)

Small Fabric Hair Plush

Large Fabric Hair Plush

Regular Hair (Brushable) Plush

Easter Basket w/ Tiny Plush (attached)

Easter Basket w/ Small Plush (attached)

Easter Basket w/ Medium Plush (attached)

Easter Basket w/ Large Plush (attached)

Halloween Treat Bag w/ Medium Plush (attached)

Knit (Yarn/Ribbon Hair) Plush

25th Anniversary Knit Plush

Brazilian Babyzilla

Other Plush

  • Pinkie Pie book set
  • Star Catcher (backpack) 2005 UK
  • G3.5 Pinkie Pie Animated Story Teller
  • White Generic Pony Pajama Case (France)

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