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General Release Information

Petal Blossom has two releases at the beginning of the G2 line. She also has an unreleased third version with a small playset that was advertised in a Year Four (2000) pamphlet.

Year One (1997)

United States MOC
Left – Single Row of Mane Plugs; Right – Double Row of Mane Plugs

Secret Surprise Petal Blossom

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian:
  • Dutch: Lieveheersbeestje (Ladybird)
  • Finnish:
  • French:
  • German:
  • Greek: ΛΟΥΛΟΥΔΕΝΙΑ – LOULOUDENIA (Flowering)
  • Italian: Pisolina (Nap)
  • Spanish: Pony Soñador (Dreamy Pony)
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Petal Blossom, Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Clever Clover Pose
  • Body Color: Purple
  • Hair Color: Pink
  • Eye Color: Turquoise with White Crystal
  • Symbol: One Large and Two Small Turquoise Flowers with Two Turquoise Leaves and Three Turquoise Dots

Backcard Stories

United States Backcard

English – US Card

My Little Pony® is waiting for you in the Friendship Gardens! The ponies are magical friends who can’t wait to take you on exciting adventures. Join them for lots of surprises and dreams-come-true. For the fun to begin, all My Little Pony® needs is YOU!

Collect All the Magic of My Little Pony®!

PETAL BLOSSOM™ is the daydreamer. Her favorite thing to do is put on her magical flower hat and go drifting to faraway places on a puffy cloud.

English – European Card

Welcome to Ponyland, the magical world of My Little Pony! Here, the ponies play together and have all kinds of exciting adventures! Join in the fun - the ponies love making friends they can keep forever!

Daydreaming Petal Blossom puts on her magical flower hat and goes drifting to faraway places on a fluffy cloud!

  • Decorate hat with braid.
  • Ladybird hat braid can be attached to mane or tail.



Welkom in Ponyland, de magische wereld van My Little Pony! Hier spelen de Pony's en beleven zij allerlei fantastische avonturen! Kom erbij, ze zijn dol op nieuwe vriendinnetjes! En... sluit vriendschap voor het leven!

Lieveheersbeestje is een dromertje! Versier haar mooie toverhoed en laat haar dan maar dromen op een wollige witte wolk.

  • Versier het hoedje met de vlecht.
  • Zet het lieveheersbeestje van de hoed vast aan de manen of de staart.

English Translation:

Welcome to Ponyland, the magical world of My Little Pony! Here the Ponies play and experience all kinds of fantastic adventures! Come join us, they love new friends! And... make friends for life!

Ladybug is a dreamer! Decorate her beautiful magic hat and let her dream on a fluffy white cloud.

  • Decorate the hat with the braid.
  • Attach the ladybug part of the hat to the mane or tail.





Benvenuta nel Giardino dell'Amicizia; il magico mondo dei My Little Pony! Qui tutti i pony giocano insieme e inventano tante avventure magiche e divertenti! Stai sempre con loro: i Pony ti aspettano nel loro magico Mondo!

Pisolina sogna sempre ad occhi aperti e quando indossa il suo fatato cappello di fiori vola su una nuvola morbida di fantasia.

  • Decora il cappello di Pisolina con i nastri.
  • Metti il cappello sulla sua testa o sulla sua coda!

English Translation:

Welcome to the Garden of Friendship; the magical world of My Little Pony! Here all the ponies play together and invent many magical and fun adventures! Always stay with them: the Ponies are waiting for you in their magical world!

Nap always daydreams and when she wears her fairy hat of flowers she flies on a soft cloud of fantasy.

  • Decorate Nap's hat with ribbons.
  • Put the hat on her head or on her tail!




Year Three (1999)


Magic Motion Petal Blossom

  • Release Year: 1999
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Magic Motion Friends
  • Notes: Despite being a part of the Magic Motion series, Petal Blossom does not actually have the Magic Motion shown on her backcard. The motion comes from the playbase – a squirrel pops out of the tree stump when the yellow mushroom button is pressed. The rose patch also flips to reveal two ladybugs. A prototype has been found in the Ivy Pose matching the pony shown on the backcard.

Pony Stats

Magic Motion Petal Blossom, Loose with Most Accessories – Missing Bananas Charm
Pamphlet Photo of Prototype Magic Motion Petal Blossom
  • Pose: Sky Skimmer Pose
  • Body Color: Purple
  • Hair Color: Pink
  • Eye Color: Turquoise with White Crystal
  • Symbol: One Large and Two Small Turquoise Flowers with Two Turquoise Leaves and Three Turquoise Dots

Backcard Stories

Petal Blossom’s Backcard









Spanish Mi Pequeño Pony re espera en Ponylandia. Los ponys son rus nuevos amigos mágicos y tienen muchas ganas de vivir emocionantes aventuras contigo. Únete a ellos, tendrás montones de sorpresas y verás cómo tus sueños se hacen realidad, ¡Mi Pequeño Pony sólo te necesita a TI para que empiece la diversión!

Pony Soñador está siempre en las nubes. Le encanta llenar su cesta de picnic con cos buenísimas y pasarse todo el día en el jardin, soñando despietro y merendando con todos sus amigen

English Translation: My Little Pony is waiting in Ponyland. Ponies are your new magical friends and they are eager to live exciting adventures with you. Join them, you will have tons of surprises and you will see how your dreams come true, My Little Pony only needs YOU to start the fun!

Dreamy Pony is always in the clouds. He loves to fill his picnic basket with delicious things and spend all day in the garden, daydreaming and having a snack with all his friends.



2000 Pamplet Advertisement

Fairytale Tower with Princess Petal Blossom

  • Release Year: Unreleased
  • Availability: Not Applicable
  • Series: Not Applicable
  • Notes: This playset is advertised in a Year Four (2000) pamphlet alongside the Giggle Garden Nursery and Enchanted Throne. It was not produced and has not yet been found in prototype form.

The playset features Petal Blossom in the Tipsy Tulip Pose with a pink forelock, yellow mane, and multi-colored tail. She has a blue, pink, and yellow braid barrette with a pink crown barrette at the top and a pink rose barrette at the bottom.

She stands on the purple floral base of a pink-railed balcony outside of a purple and pink castle tower with climbing roses and hearts decorating the outside. A small rainbow arch sits atop the railing with what appear to be three more pink rose barrettes attached to it.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Tipsy Tulip Pose
  • Body Color: Purple
  • Hair Color: Pink Forelock, Yellow Mane, Multi-Colored Tail
  • Eye Color: Turquoise with White Crystal
  • Symbol: One Large and Two Small Turquoise Flowers with Two Turquoise Leaves and Three Turquoise Dots

Media Appearances


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