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G2 Petal Blossom was first released in 1997 as one of the Secret Surprise Ponies, then again in 1999 as one of the Magic Motion Ponies. She was also advertised as being in an unreleased playset, the Fairytale Tower with Princess Petal Blossom.

Secret Surprise Petal Blossom

G2 Secret Surprise Petal Blossom
G2 MOC Secret Surprise Petal Blossom
Petal Blossom's Symbol
There are 2 versions, one with 1 row of hair, and a second with 2 rows of hair that is slightly taller/larger

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Clever Clover Pose
  • Body Colour: Light purple
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Turquoise with clear jewel
  • Symbol: One large flower, two smaller flowers, two leaves, and three dots; turquoise
  • Accessories: Turquoise comb with berries, yellow hat, ladybug hairclip with turquoise braid.

Backcard Stories

Petal Blossom's backcard story
Petal Blossom's backcard

US Backcard Story

Petal Blossom is the daydreamer. Her favorite thing to do is put on her magical flower hat and go drifting to faraway places on a fluffy cloud.

Magic Motion Petal Blossom

Magic Motion Petal Blossom
Magic Motion Petal Blossom


Not a magic motion pony except in name. She doesn't do anything magic motion.

  • Released in the Magic Motion set are:

Backcard Stories

  • Great Britian

Petal Blossom is a daydreamer. She likes to pack her picnic basket with goodies and spend the day in the garden, daydreaming and picnicking with her friends.

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