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G2 Secret Surprise Clever Clover
G2 Prince Clever Clover

Clever Clover was originally released in 1997 as one of the G2 Secret Surprise Friends. He was released twice in total. Clever Clover is one of the few male ponies released during the second generation.


Media Appearances

Toy Releases

Year One (1997)

Secret Surprise Clever Clover

G2 Clever Clover
MOC Clever CLover
MOC Clever Clover
Clever Clover's Symbol

Backcard Stories

Clever Clover's backcard

US Backcard Story

Clever Clover is the athlete. He likes to play all kinds of sports. When he wears his lucky baseball cap, his team always wins the game!

Year Three (1999)

Royal Wedding Prince Clever Clover

G2 Prince Clever Clover

Ponies released in this set are:

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