Little Honey Pie

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G1 Little Honey Pie
G1 Little Honey Pie's Symbol
MOC Little Honey Pie (US packaging)
MOC Little Honey Pie (UK packaging)

Little Honey Pie is a Teeny Tiny pony.

English: Little Honey Pie
German: Baby Honigtötchen

Pony Stats


  • Yellow ribbon (alternate)

Backcard Stories

Little Honey Pie's backcard (US)
Little Honey Pie's backcard (UK)

The Teeny Tiny Ponies Come to Ponyland

One morning, the ponies found a wicker basket on their doorstep. Inside the basket, four tiny ponies sat on soft, lacy cushions and smiled up at the delighted ponies. The pretty babies were the smallest ponies they'd ever seen, and were soon named Teeny Tiny ponies because of their cuddly size. They happily brought the babies inside and gave them warm bottles, then tucked them into cribs for their midmorning nap. That same afternoon, the ponies had a big party to welcome the Teeny Tiny ponies to Ponyland, with lots of tasty food and surprises for everyone--and warm bottles for the little ponies!

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