An Apple for Starlight

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An Apple for Starlight
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 8 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 21, 1992
Writer(s) Richard Merwin
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Princess Problems Up, Up and Away

An Apple for Starlight is the sixteenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Princess Problems. It was written by Richard Merwin.


They start off in school on an ordinary day with Miss Hackney showing them what a pulley is. Teddy sends a paper aeroplane Miss Hackney’s way and starts the class off laughing. They quieten down with a threat of no recess then Miss hackney begins to feel unwell and has to stop the lesson. Just encase off illness Miss Hackney always records her lessons so to stop everyone going home she pulls out her cassette tape player. Miss hackney asks Starlight to teach the class while she goes home. The class immediately starts playing up so Starlight copies Miss Hackney’s earlier threat of no recess to no avail. So she pulls out an alarm clock for attention.

Starlight pushes play on the tape and Miss Hackney’s recorded voice goes about asking Melody and Bon bon questions and telling them off. Teddy makes a joke and Starlight loses her cool calling Bright eyes and Sweetheart to her side to help them understand the importance of lessons.

After a song and dance the class is still playing up. So Starlight says she’s going to report everyone to Miss Hackney instead she goes to the toilets to think aloud. The mirror reflection Starlight gives Starlight an idea. She returns to the class and announces they’re all going on a field trip. Starlight takes them to Pony rock and plays Hackney’s tape. Miss Hackney explains about Pinto cave then Patch runs off to explore it. Miss Hackney goes on to say it’s off limits and has never been fully explored so Starlight becomes worried. Ace and Teddy join Patch too.

In the cave Starlight decides they could explore a little and it could be their class room for the day. They soon ignore Starlight when she tells them not to explore an area of the cave, they happily rush past her knock poor Starlight over. They all end up sliding into a pit and finding some tools. They want to take some of the tools to show Miss Hackney but when Patch attempts to walk back up the way they slid in she finds she can’t and slides back down again. Ace and Teddy try after only to do the same thing.

They start to think they’re trapped but Starlight reminds them the Pony settlers they were learning about got in and out some how they just have to find out how. Starlight has the bright idea of seeing if Miss Hackney’s tape would help. They decide to make a pulley like Miss Hackney was talking about earlier. They wedge it into the rocks above and send Clover up first followed by the rest leaving Ace last who just about pulls himself up before it breaks.

They go back to the school house too eat and around three Miss Hackney arrives back feeling better. She gives Starlight an Apple as thanks and asks if they’ve all done their lessons? They ponies give a quick sum up of the day to Miss Hackney and laugh.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Hackney, Teddy, Ace


Lessons Lessons

Pay attention to your lessons!

Though they may be tiring

Now they’re just a precious thing

Not much glamour

Learning all the rules of grammer

Still the things we learn at school

May some day be a helpful tool

We should study history

Our first lessons at almost every turn

Study well each episode

You’ll thank your stars

For the things you learn

Reading, writing

Doesn’t always seem exciting

Still next time you get depressed

When cramming for tomorrows test

Stop delaying

Though you’d rather be out playing

Give your thoughts to study for a spell

Some day it may come to pass

You’ll use the things you learn in class

So learn your lessons well

So learn your lessons well


Animation errors

  • At the start Ace is sitting next to Teddy then when they’re laughing next scene its Bon bon next to Teddy at the back.
  • Miss Hackney’s (while telling the class off) cutie mark is just a giant 2 instead of a 1+2.
  • When Sweetheart asks are you ok Miss Hackney? Clover is missing from behind her where she should be. Same with Teddy when he says we should all just go home then Bon bon or Ace are missing.
  • Patch and Sweetheart swap seats after Miss Hackney calls up Starlight and Clovers moved into Melody’s spot. While they’re then talking after Miss Hackney’s gone Ace is in Teddy’s first seat. Then when Melody pulls out her tape player Patch and herself have swapped seats again going back to normal at the alarm clock. Then Patch is behind Melody again when she plugs in her ear phones when it should be Bon bon.
  • When the song start Melody disappears from her seat.
  • While handing out papers mid song a random purple mane and white pony joins the class. You can also see some dark blue ones not Teddy cheering for Sweetheart just after. The purple pony can then again be seen sitting in Bright eyes seat and another row of desks have been added to the room as Starlight returns from the toilets.
  • To play Miss Hackney’s tape at the start of the show Starlight pushed the middle button by Pony Rock Starlight pushes the blue button at the last play she pushes the middle button again.
  • Ace, Teddy, Patch and Bright eyes are the ones who rush to the cave entrance followed by Starlight but Starlight, Melody, Bon bon and Clover are the ones you see sliding to the pit. Somehow they and Sweetheart beat Starlight to it.
  • Just after the pulley breaks Clover’s cell switches from behind Teddy to in front of him.
  • Just after the clock coo’s The screen shows a few empty seats where Melody, Sweetheart, Bright eyes and Ace should be. After a talk with Miss Hackney they’re all back seated in them.

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