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Up, Up and Away
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 9 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 28, 1992
Writer(s) Donna Harman
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An Apple for Starlight Sister of the Bride

Up, Up and Away is the seventeenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Sister of the Bride. It was written by Donna Harman.


The girls start the show by looking at a picture of a UFO and discussing space ships. Bright eyes tells the girls while reading the paper, a UFO was spotted above Pony point. Patch has the idea they might come back and to go hike up there and wait for them.

The girls make it to Pony point, Patch goes to the top first followed later by the others. Patch is stopped by some police guarding the UFO appearance site. The chief declares it too dangerous and sends them on their way. Patch declares she wants to be like the adventurers who take chances in the books she reads as she walks away.

Miss Hackney is holding a class on how aeroplanes stay in the sky. Patch tunes out into a day dream of her flying away on a big adventure and a song. Miss Hackney then pulls a surprise guest on them. She has all the ponies follow her into the play ground.

Miss Hackney introduces them to a hot air balloonist and a dear old friend Mr Kadoo. He’s there to give them a lesson in aerodynamics. Patch is the first to want to take a ride but Mr Kadoo tells her it’s best to learn the basics first but before he does he asks Miss Hackney for a cup of tea. Patch is egger to go, stays behind when the other ponies go in for tea and hops into the balloon. Bon bon spots her and tells her to get out before something happens. Patch finds the how to manual, begins to read it and starts messing with the balloons controls. The balloon starts to fill with hot air and is only held in place by one peg in the ground which comes lose. Bon bon grabs the rope in an attempt to stop the balloon but gets carried away with it. Patch refuses to bring it down and flies off with the balloon taking Bon bon with her who’s now climbed into the basket.

They fly over Miss Hackney’s head as she wonders if the balloon is safe in the school yard left unattended. Patch is enjoying the trip but Bon bon is about ready to be ill. The balloon soon runs low on fuel and Bon bon throws the manual at a bird pecking at the balloon. The bird pops the balloon and they begin to descend just after that the flame goes out. They look down to see they’re over the sea, full of sharks. Bon bon hides in fear as just in time, the UFO appears to save them.

The UFO turns out to be three special looking Pegasus ponies and one special looking Alicorn pony. The special ponies fly the balloon away from the sharks, fix the hole in the balloon and start up the flame again all while Bon bon hides unaware of there presence. Only the orange Pegasus pony speaks to Patch telling Patch she’s safe and her name is Bright Glow before rushing off.

Patch flies them back home to a telling off from Miss Hackney which a sighting of the UFO interrupts. Patch runs off after the UFO to Pony point where they tell her they wanted to know she was safe. Patch asks if she could visit them, they tell her the future is filled with possibilities before flying off to never been seen again.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Hackney, Mr Kadoo, Bright Glow


I’ve had it with this boring old routine

My days are so dull and free of strife

I need a brief diversion

Like a jungle land excursion

Oh where’s the adventure in my life?

I’d like commandeer a submarine

Or hike up to the top of a soaring peek

Or be an aviator of a live volcano crater

Oh where’s the adventure that I seek?

Something so exciting

It sounds so inviting

I need to go out and get away

Maybe mountain trimming or parasailing

Or be a spy or a private eye or a pirate stow away!

Perhaps I’ll travel in a time machines.

Or steer a canoe over surging streams

Who wants to study science?

When I could be battling giants!

Oh where’s the adventure?

I want more adventure!

I want moreee adventure in my dreammsss.


Animation errors

  • At the bottom of Pony Point Starlight and Melody switch places as the camera turns around to face them.
  • At the end when they’re at Pony Point the two special ponies on the right are missing their cutie marks.

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