Sister of the Bride

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Sister of the Bride
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 9 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 28, 1992
Writer(s) Kayte Kuch and

Sheryl Scarborough

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Up, Up and Away Birds of a Feather

Sister of the Bride is the eighteenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Up, Up and Away. It was written by Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough.


Clover is putting together the traditional four things a bride needs for good luck as her sister is getting married today. Clovers sure it’ll be perfect while pulling the garter and snapping it off her sister’s leg, Meadowlark goes off chasing it. Clovers upset at being clumsy but her sister soon cheers her back up. The usual girls turn up and are impressed at Meadowlark’s appearance. We learn Meadowlark’s groom is an actor who plays a prince. Clover shows off Meadowlark’s engagement ring but after she accidentally breaks her mom’s pearls while showing them off around Meadowlarks head. Clover’s mom Mrs Bloom thinks it would be best if Clover and her friends stay out of the way till the ceremony. So Meadowlark sends them on some errands for her to the surprise of Clover and Mrs Bloom. Starlight and Bright eyes stay to fix the pearl necklace and the rest leave with Clover.

They fetch the rings first, while examining the rings Clover drops them out of their case and they bounce off out of the door. Luckily they bounce off a work pony’s hat and on to Clover’s hooves. Sweetheart says its bad luck for someone else to wear the bride’s rings, just after we see some female pony talking to the groom. The girls get the wrong idea when the two ponies start talking about the beautiful engagement ring the female pony is wearing and it’s pretty much sealed in their minds Meadowlark’s groom Shavel is cheating when he kisses the female pony Suzette. The girls then ruin the flowers for Meadowlark’s wedding by hiding from Shavel and Suzette as they walk past. Clover sends Patch and Sweetheart back with the flowers while Clover, Bon bon and Melody follow Shavel and Suzette.

Patch suggests using flowers from the garden when Mrs Bloom sees the one they’ve wrecked, Meadowlark thinks it’s a good idea and says Shavel will love it only for Sweetheart to break down crying. Patch covers saying she always cries at weddings.

Suzette wants to get married as soon as possible so they carry on to the cake shop to pick out a wedding cake. They’re shown a cake which is Clover’s sister’s wedding cake, Shavel and Suzette talk of telling Meadowlark which makes Clover mad. On Clovers way over to give Shavel a piece of her mind she trips and falls into the cake. She then runs off to tell Meadowlark her self what they’re up too.

Sweetheart is still crying on the floor while Mrs Bloom panics at where everyone is. Clover bursts into the room and up to Meadowlark ignoring Mrs Bloom who frets now over the wedding cake trail Clover is leaving behind her. Clover begins to tell Meadowlark but Shavel and Suzette turn up behind her before she can.

It all gets too much for Mrs Bloom as Clover declares the wedding is off and she faints. Meadowlark explains Suzette is Shavel’s sister. The girls realise the mistake they’ve made and Clover begins to cry realising she’s ruined the wedding. They all band together to fix what they can of the wedding and Clover realises she’s lost the rings. Bon bon finds them in the cake she’s fixed and the wedding goes ahead with everyone happy.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Meadowlark, Mrs Bloom, Shavel, Suzette


Excuse the silly smile upon my face

I can’t help feeling things will go my way

My heart is lighter then a song

How could anything go wrong?

Today’s my wedding day

I see the guest and flowers all in place

And then a wedding march will start to play

(She’s gorgeous, stunning, what a bride,

So is the groom that is at her side)

I’m sure that’s what they’ll say

Today’s my wedding day

Something’s telling me

Every bird up in the tree

Will be singing out a song in perfect pitch

And deep inside I feel a thrill

That says the ceremony will proceed without a hitch.

We’ll exchange a ring and then embrace

I’ll toss my little sister my bouquet

And then we’ll ask each guess to take

a slice of perfect wedding cake

At least that’s what I pray

Today’s my wedding day


Animation errors

  • In the song while Meadowlark’s marching up the isle her ring is missing
  • The rings on Clovers hooves change hooves after Sweetheart asks isn’t it bad luck? Then back again after we meet Suzette.
  • While Meadowlark is trying to find out what’s happening and what Clover is on about you her ring has change hooves.
  • While Bon bon is fixing the wedding cake her mane is coloured in wrong. It’s now more a pink the purple.

Story errors

  • Wedding rings wouldn’t bounce that far in reality.

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