Birds of a Feather

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Birds of a Feather
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 10 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 4, 1992
Writer(s) Richard Merwin
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Sister of the Bride Send in the Clown

Birds of a Feather is the nineteenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Send in the Clown. It was written by Richard Merwin.


Starlight holds a meeting and Bright eye asks has anybody seen the green winged song bird showing them a picture. They go on to discuss that the bird has not been seen in years. Patch, Bon bon and Ace join Bright eyes on a search for the bird. They decide to start in the old woods as no ones explored there before. They follow Ace’s directions and soon lose the trail meaning they had found the old woods. They then get attacked by some bees that seem to be after Bon bon’s flowered hat she had chosen to wear. Bon bon tosses the hat as they run deeper into the old wood losing their way. Bon bon complains she’s only brought a week’s supply of food before sitting down in some nettles. Ace rubs dirt onto her to stop the itching even though Bon bon protests to being dirty.

Ace decides to climb the tallest tree to locate where they are, at the top Bon bon manages to run out of food panicking they’ll all starve. They decide to try to catch their own food and Ace makes a fishing rod from spare line he is carrying and a tree branch. They use Bon bon’s emergency candy bar as bait.

They hook a bite which breaks the branch they’re sitting on and Ace, Patch and Bright eyes end up in the stream. The fish on the line gets away but Ace catches one in his bag. They decide not to eat it as it looks so cute and throw him back in to the stream. As Bon bon writes her farewells believing they’ll be lost for ever the Green winged song bird settles down beside her then on to her diary. Bright eyes tells Bon bon not to move and Patch takes a photo. They follow it to its nest where it has baby chicks and a partner waiting for it.

After a song and a fly about they reach an area of the old wood that has been cut down. They realise why there are hardly any green wings left as there’s hardly an old wood left. Bright eyes plans to do something about it and tries to take Bon bon’s diary which Bon bon protests to. Bright eyes plans to use Bon bon’s diary to find their way back home as Bon bon had been writing every stop and turn in it. Bon bon still doesn’t want Bright eyes reading it so Patch has the idea that Bon bon uses it to guide them home. They say good bye to the birds and travel off home.

Bright eyes, Patch Bon bon and Ace end up on stage, Bright eyes is congratulated by the Mayor on her belief of not giving up that the song bird could be found and teaching them how to preserve the green wing’s home. The Mayor makes old woods a protected wild life area and awards the girls pony of the month.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Ace, Mayor


There’s a song in the air in the forest

Birds are singing

As they’re winging here and there

Could it be the scenery?

The brilliant forest greenery

Is that why there’s music everywhere

There’s a beautiful sound in the forest

Birds are tweeting out their greeting

Loud and strong

There is no where to be found

Something sweeter then their sound

Of natures own sweet song

Birds feel safe and at home in the forest

They feel right there because they’re right where they belong.

There’s no way to recreate, to replace or imitate

Natures own sweet song

Natures own sweet song


Animation errors

  • Patch and Bon bon switch places as they walk towards

Ace while he’s trying to figure out the best way to the old woods.

  • As Ace gets out of the water he has fishing line wrapped around him which is gone by the time they discover the fish.
  • Ace’s bag is empty even though he had a compass and a pony scouts manual with him.
  • The green winged song bird has more white around its neck then the first picture we see of it.
  • The pony awards the Mayor is holding at the end start white, turn blue then end up white again

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