Send in the Clown

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Send in the Clown
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 10 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 4, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Birds of a Feather Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Send in the Clown is the twentieth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Birds of a Feather. It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Meadowlark arrives by train for a visit with Clover, as soon as she gets off the train she’s swamped by reporters. A quick few words with the reporters then she joins her family but they soon call her back for more photographs. Clover is depressed at the fact her sister is so much better then her.

Later Meadowlark speaks to a ballet class about her first lesson and thanks them for being the understudies to their show of the nutcracker. Madame Percheron plays the piano and the ponies practice their moves one after the other till they get to Clover who falls over.

At the ice cream shop Patch wants to know what part Clover is playing she says the harlequin, the clown but she’s just the understudy. Sweetheart asks what’s the under study and Clover explains. Then Bon bon asks what if something does happen and she has to play the part? This gets Clover all nervous and she leaves.

They’re watching a rehearsal of the Nutcracker, Clover’s sister is on stage. Clover comes tripping in through the doors late and they stop She gets told off by Madame Percheron for being late. They then call for the harlequins; one of which falls over and hurts herself so Clover then gets cast as the harlequin.

Clover’s mom and dad are happy at the news, they and her sister think Clover will be Marvellous. Meadowlark says Clover is born for the part and Clover agrees she’ll end up looking like a clown before storming off. Meadowlark thinks its stage fright and stops Mrs Bloom going to see if she’s alright.

Miss Hackney starts talking to Clover in class and she sits unaware and unsure she is Clover. Outside in the play ground Patch complements her on her amnesia trick but Clover confesses she’s not pretending. The girls walk Clover home and she doesn’t know whose home it is. They walk her to her door and explain to Mrs Bloom Clover has amnesia. Meadowlark thinks she knows what’s wrong with Clover.

While tucking Clover into bed Meadowlark explains she was scared too the first time she went on stage but once she started dancing everything was fine. One pep talk later Meadowlark leaves for the show leaving Clover alone.

The play goes ahead they’ve cast another pony Moonbeam as the harlequin who was meant to be a snow flake. Clover rushes in back stage mid play asking Madame Percheron for another chance. Moonbeam agrees whole heartedly to switch and let Clover play the part. Clover plays her part well with a little wobble but no major disaster. The audience applauds and Clover takes her bow.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Mrs Bloom, Mr Bloom, Meadowlark, Madame Percheron, Shavel, Hackney, Moonbeam, Peach blossom


She’s graceful, She’s charming

She is poetry in motion

And confident as can be

My faults are all so glaring

There’s no way of comparing

She’s so much better then me

The difference between us

Is wider then an ocean

My friends tell me endlessly

Sometimes it’s hard concealing

This awful jealous feeling

She’s so much better then me

Why aren’t I the one with talent?

Why can’t I dance as well as her?

Imagine knowing you’re the best

Blessed with looks and all the rest

Oh if I only were!

I doubt if she suspects it

Or has the slightest notion

How I am in misery

Her talents keep on growing

While I’m left stuck knowing

It’s plain for the world to see

She’s so much better

So much better then me


Animation errors

  • The white and blue reporter pony at the start changes to yellow and blue on the close up. Then the yellow one turns white and pink.
  • As Clover leaves and they pull out to see the whole table you see Melody is missing.
  • At the theatre first scene pulled out only two rows of seats are filled zoomed in there’s at least three rows full watching the rehearsal.
  • At dinner Clover starts with a burger and ends with a steak.
  • Sheval changes seats after Clover leaves the dinner table when Meadowlark stops her mother going after Clover.
  • Miss Hackney’s cutie mark is just a 2 again instead off 1+2 sign she’s meant to have.
  • When they ring the door bell Melody is no where to be seen after Mrs Bloom answers the door Melody is where Sweetheart was.
  • On the night of the show when they zoom in to Mr and Mrs Bloom Sweetheart who’s seating next to them is now yellow, the next time after that she’s gone altogether.
  • When Meadowlark says “it’s Clover” the pony behind is pink, after Clover stumbles the pony is orange.

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