Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 11 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 11, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Send in the Clown Gribet

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! is the twenty first episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Gribet. It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Starlight is coaching a synchronized swimming team, she tells Lancer to turn up the music as Teddy laughs at their performance. Teddy throws a fake octopus into the swimming pool and the girls swim off screaming. They realise its rubber and run up to Teddy ready to get him but slip over as they reach him. Lancer takes care of Teddy who sitting on a wall with a hose, Teddy shakes off the water and wishes them a loss for tomorrow competition.

The girls are sunbathing eating carrots waiting for tomorrow to be over so they can eat real food again. Sweetheart mentions it’s her birthday party tomorrow too. Lancer says his parent said they could use the ball room in Shetland springs so he’s having it decorated in the morning. Patch asks if everyone is going. Sweetheart confirms they are and Starlight asks even Teddy? Sweetheart believes it wouldn’t be fair to leave him out so says he is too. Starlight mentions Teddy always spoils everything before Melody switches the convocation back to the competition tomorrow.

The competition starts and they girls feel they won’t do as well as the other teams. They perform the synchronized swimming carousel move, as Clover dives she sees a small brown Teddy like monster tangled in weeds and doesn’t resurface for the move. She resurfaces after yelling about a sea monster which floats to the surface after her. The sea monster removes its head to reveal Teddy underneath. Their team the Dream Team get disqualified and they chase after Teddy again ripping the tail off the monster.

Starlight’s upset at all the hard work they’d put in for nothing. They blame Teddy and remember they have Sweetheart’s party to cheer them up, which they’re not going to if Teddy does. They ask Sweetheart to un-invite Teddy.

At the mane dressers Sweetheart pleads Teddy’s case that he isn’t really mean. The girls give Sweetheart an ultimatum it’s Teddy or them. Sweetheart gets upset and calls the party off before running off.

Sweetheart is crying while taking the decorations down and Lacer asks are you sure you want to do this? To which Sweetheart replies no but she has to as she’s not going to choose between her friends. Lancer wants to help and has an idea from seeing a ship on a nearby table.

Lancer has invited Teddy aboard his father’s boat which his father named after Lancer. Lancer takes Teddy below deck to a room with the girls in. The girls want to leave but Lancer locks them all in and they set sail. Lancer has prepared a peace treaty which he wants them all to sign and they’re not going home till they make up. Some name calling kicks off and home truths. Lancer reminds them that the only one getting hurt out of all of this is Sweetheart. They settle down and it cuts to Sweetheart and Lancer arriving by car to the ball room. Lancer walks Sweetheart into a room full of her friends who yell surprise. They party the night away to a very happy birthday.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Lancer, Teddy,


Coloured streamers, party favours

Ice cream in assorted flavours

All of the ingredients are here

For an unforgettable party

To usher in your 10th year

All your friends have been invited

Everyone is so excited

Thinking of the games that we will play

At this unforgettable party

To celebrate your big day.

Pass the lemon

Charades and statues

Tag and musical chairs

That’s what makes a memorable party

Finding games that everyone shares

Read the cards with heart felt wishes

Taste the chocolate it’s delicious

See the gifts in every shape and sizes

It’s an unforgettable party

A happy birthday surprise

It’s an unforgettable party

A happy birthday surprise


Animation errors

  • Teddy has no cutie mark while laughing on the wall and

doesn’t seem to be wearing his trade mark sun glasses this episode.

  • When the girls are all sitting around the pool eating carrots, Bon bon has a chair when the zoom out and cheer she’s now standing cheering.
  • While the girls have their manes in rollers they’re all pink to start with, After they say him or us they get the girls natural colour placed on them.
  • As the girls look out of the ships windows clover goes a little off colour now looking more like Lancer. They also start on a white ship and sail on a yellow one.
  • Lancer seems to be singing the song in a girl’s voice at the party while the balloons change colour like crazy.

Story errors

  • Feather ink pens in reality would side with the boat not against it (it’s just at the start where they roll out the treaty).
  • You take chairs away in musical chairs, not add one, join the game and then find you have one person too many even though everyone was sitting down already to start with.

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