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Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 11 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 11, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Bon Bon's Diary


The Tales characters are having a picnic when it starts to rain. As they pack up, Sweetheart is lagging behind with the basket and hears something in the bushes. She finds an injured frog and takes it with her back to the tea house. Bright Eyes suggests operating, Bon Bon jokingly suggests they make frog legs, and Starlight suggests they take him to a doctor. While they wait at the doctor's office, Sweetheart decides to name the frog Spot. The doctor splints the frog's leg and explains how to take care of him. Back at the tea house and five days later, the ponies are concerned because Spot isn't jumping. The ponies decide to demonstrate how to jump, and Spot begins jumping again. They then realize they can't leave him alone anymore, but all of them are busy except Bon Bon, who takes him home.

Bon Bon is baking sugar sprinkle cookies in the kitchen with her mother and her sister Amber. Bon Bon asks Amber to get the sprinkles from the pantry, and the little pony spots the picnic basket, opening it. Spot jumps out and onto the cookie dough, scaring Bon Bon's mother. He proceeds to hop around the kitchen, causing mayhem. Bon Bon brings Spot to Starlight at the ice cream shop, because her mother won't allow him in the house.

Spot escapes from the basket again and jumps in the ice cream Starlight is about to deliver to a customer. Screaming and panic ensue as the frog hops from table to table, Starlight in pursuit. Sweetheart walks in, catching Spot. Starlight insists Sweetheart has to take him with her. Sweetheart falls asleep with Spot on her blanket at home.

At school, Ms Hackney apologizes for having a slight cold and continues her english lesson. Spot escapes from Sweetheart's bag and jumps in her glass of water. Ms. Hackney goes to take a drink and drops the glass, Spot jumps all over the classroom. She explains to Ms Hackney about the frog, and the teacher suggests they should return him to his natural habitat. The ponies return to the spot of their picnic to let Spot go, and sing their farewells.

Sweetheart is crying, Bright Eyes promises they'll come back to see Spot. Melody suggests they have a picnic, and it begins to rain again. The ponies run back to the tea house, while Spot rejoins the other frogs.


Amber: "Me love sprinkles"



Off You Go

Off you go, into the great unknown,
It's time you were on your own.

Make the break, but quickly for heaven's sake,
Despite how my heart might ache

Much as I'd love to have you stay,
Believe me when I say it's better off this way

By Spot, take care of yourself.
We love you little guy.
Yeah, it's been fun knowing ya.
Stay well Spot.

Off you go, life is awaiting you,
You're fit and as good as new,
So off with you, off with you,

Off you go
Off you go
Off you go (extended)


Animation Errors

  • Clover and Patch are missing from the scene of running back to the tea house.
  • In the doctor's office, Sweetheart is drawn sized like a baby pony (failed attempt at perspective)
  • When the doctor first brings Spot to Sweetheart, the splint board is missing
  • As the ponies leave the doctor's office, they appear to be climbing up an incline (failed perspective again)
  • Spot's splint is shown in various scenes as under both legs and his body, and under only the broken leg
  • Starlight places her ice cream on the lower counter, it moves to the top counter while Spot jumps in, and then back on the lower counter
  • The ice cream Spot jumps into is light blue or mint green in various scenes
  • The yellow bowl on Starlight's cart turns into a banana in the next scene, and given to the pony who ordered a banana split
  • Spot is clean when he jumps into Sweetheart's hooves, then covered in ice cream in the next scene
  • Spot jumps forward under Patch, Bon Bon and Bright Eye's desks, despite the fact Sweetheart sits second from the front, behind Clover in the previous scene
  • Starlight is missing from the scene where the ponies are returning Spot to the wild
  • Part of Sweetheart's tail disappears while she is singing

Story Errors

  • phalanx should have been phalanxes or phalanges, and metatarsal should be metatarsals, the correct plurals. Frogs (indeed almost all animals) have more than one of each.
  • The ponies imply that they have been able to leave Spot alone while he was injured
  • Spot sticks to sugar cookie dough like it is made of glue
  • Spot the frog is seen eating ice cream, despite the fact the doctor tells them to feed him worms and insects
  • Starlight names a glass bowl of mint colored ice cream a "double chocolate cone"

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