Bon Bon's Diary

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Bon Bon's Diary
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 12 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 18, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Gribet Just For Kicks

"Bon Bon's Diary" is the 23rd episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Just For Kicks". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Bon Bon and Clover are baking a cake when Bon Bon's mother enters the kitchen. She asks if Bon Bon shouldn't be studying for tomorrow's math test rather than bake cake. Upon Bon Bon's evasive answer, she tells her daughter that if she's not getting her priorities straight, her parents will do it for her, which means she will no longer be allowed to cook. This upsets Bon Bon, who can only think of one way to prevent her hobby from being taken from her.

The next day, Bon Bon cheats on her math test, though she feels terrible about it. After school, Teddy asks her how she did on the test, bragging that he probably got an "A" while he didn't even study. Bon Bon responds with skeptism, which chases Teddy off and gives her some privacy time to write in her diary. After writing down her feelings on cheating the math test, she accidentally leaves her diary. And of course, Teddy finds it.

At the ice cream shop, Bon Bon discovers her diary's disappearance. Starlight mobilizes their friends to find the missing diary, which they also promise not to look into if they come across it. Despite their best efforts, none of them finds it, leaving Bon Bon in deep stress. The next day, she and Sweetheart walk to school together and come across the area Bon Bon wrote her last diary entry at. Bon Bon urges Sweetheart to go ahead to school and let her search for her diary a bit. When Sweetheart is gone, Teddy suddenly shows up and reveals he has her diary. Bon Bon demands he give it back, but instead, he blackmails her into carrying his schoolbag for him. On the way to school, Teddy brings up even more things she could do for him in return for not telling anyone about her cheating the math test, such as baking him a cake and, after some creepy flirting, going to the school dance with him. Bon Bon makes it clear he's pushing it and walks away angrily.

During class, Miss Hackney announces that Bon Bon got the best mark of the entire class on the math test, scoring an "A+", Teddy uses the opportunity to enforce his threat, claiming to Miss Hackney he has something she might want. This turns out to be only her chalkboard eraser, but the message to Bon Bon is clear. At home, Bon Bon fails to confess to her mother what is ailing her and calls Sweetheart for advice. Sweetheart sees through every attempt of Bon Bon to be subtle and keep the exact situation under wraps, leading to Bon Bon hanging up with the message it is her problem. A moment later, Bon Bon decides she should just go ahead and confess to Miss Hackney she cheated on the test.

Meanwhile, Teddy sits in bed with his teddybear, reading Bon Bon's diary for more blackmail material, when he gets a call from Sweetheart. Sweetheart pulls a blackmail of her own, subtly suggesting that she could tell the class he has a teddybear if he doesn't start respecting others' secrets. Teddy gives in and hands the diary to Miss Hackney the next day. He meets Bon Bon in front of the school, but she refuses to listen to him and goes to Miss Hackney to confess she cheated. Miss Hackney takes it well and offers Bon Bon another chance at the test after school. She also gives Bon Bon the diary Teddy turned in earlier, which shocks Bon Bon. She asks if Miss Hackney read it, but her teacher assures her she'd never break into another's privacy like that.

After school, Bon Bon meets up with Teddy and reveals she got a "C+" on the second test. Teddy apologizes for his behavior, elaborating he really wanted to take Bon Bon to the dance but was too afraid to ask. Bon Bon asks if he still wants to go, but he answers he can't. He's been grounded for the bad mark he got on his test. Bon Bon invites him to study with her next time and to come with her now to bake some cookies, íf he is willing to carry her schoolbag for her. Teddy is eager to accept and promises to forget what little of her diary he actually read.



Teddy: "Then, how would you like to go to the school dance with me?"
Bon Bon: "I hate you!"
Teddy: "Eh, Bon Bon, is-is that a "yes" or a "no"?"

Bon Bon: "Well, I-I was just wondering... I-if you knew somebody who knew somebody who found something a-and wouldn't give it back-"
Sweetheart: "Did Teddy take your diary?"

Sweetheart: "I heard a rumor that maybe, just possibly you know who has Bon Bon's diary."
Teddy: "Sweetheart, not true!"
Sweetheart: "I sorta kinda didn't think so, 'cause you know what it's like to have a secret you don't want anybody to know about, right? I mean, you wouldn't want anyone or anybody at all to know that you have a..."
Teddy: "Don't say it!"
Sweetheart: "Actually, there's truly nothing wrong with having a..."
Teddy: "No!"
Sweetheart: "Then again, if someone were to know that you had a..."
Teddy: "Okay, I get the message!"



Secrets, secrets, what if someone knew
My secrets, secrets, think of how embarrassed I would be
If they knew the secret side of me

I like Teddy, but I can't confess it

My secret hideout's where no one would guess it

Not as courageous as I'm painted
I saw a mouse last weak and almost fainted

Once I got locked in alone in for hours

I broke my mother's favorite vase for flowers

Don't know what I'd do
I'd die if people knew my secrets

It's the truth, though no one is the wiser
Ms. Hackney is my personal advisor

What if all the kids should start repeating
I got an "A" in math by cheating

Secrets, secrets, everybody has
Their secrets, secrets, wouldn't wanna give my own away
If you've got a secret, it should stay
Secret, secret, secret, secret...shhhh....


Animation errors

  • When the girls agree not to read Bon Bon's diary if they find it, Clover's, Melody's and Patch's eyes are drawn too low on their faces. This is especially glaring on Patch.
  • At the start the cake Bon bon has made isn’t as fancy as it appears in later shots of it and her apron’s lower half also isn’t as visible as in later shots. In later shots same scene you see Bon bon wearing another mitten that isn’t present when Clover removes the dishes.
  • The ponies swaps seats while Bon bon takes the test first Bon bon is by the window, then she’s next too Melody who was just in front of her. Then Melody’s behind her at the end of the test. After Patch knocks out the clock Melody is now in the front again (Worth noting Clovers eyes in that scene are also very small).
  • Teddy and Bon bon are standing no shade or bench on a path, they zoom out a tree and bench have suddenly appeared and the paths vanished.
  • Melody and Clover have swap places and Sweetheart has disappeared when they agree not to look in Bon bon’s Diary.
  • Only four ponies run out of the ice cream shop Bon bon, Patch, Clover, and Starlight. Patch is swapped for Melody next scene.
  • While Sweetheart is telling Bon bon not to worry someone will find her Diary they have bags on after they zoom in and out they’re gone. Then back again after a flower sniff.
  • While Bon bon is crying the on her bed side table switches around and changes colour after her mother speaks. Then when she’s using the phone the fish tank has disappeared. Plus Sweet hearts bedroom is different from when Bon bon calls her to when she calls


  • "Bon Bon's Diary" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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