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Bon Bon's mother is one of the minor characters in My Little Pony Tales.

Bon Bon's mother in mlpt cartoon.

She features in the episodes Too Sick to Notice, The Masquerade, Gribet, and Bon Bon’s Diary. It isn’t mention who voices the character or what her real name is but she is one of the most featured of all the girls’ parents.

Too Sick to Notice: In this episode she can be seen nursing Baby Pony in a rocking chair back to health. It keeps her too busy for the start of the episode to help Bon Bon with anything she asks for help with. For the second half of the episode after Bon Bon’s song she is seen trying to care for Bon Bon who is faking illness. She falls ill at the end of the episode and Bon Bon has to then take care of her family instead.

The Masquerade: She’s first seen after Bon Bon dresses as a model. She has the job of cheering Bon Bon up who thinks they’ll all laugh at her at the party for wanting to be a model and baking cookies for the party they're attending that evening. She is the first and possibility the only pony to notice Bon Bon was missing from the party when Bon Bon had run away believing they had laughed at her.

Gribet: Bon Bon gets stuck with Spot, a green frog Sweetheart brought home to nurse back to health. Amber let's spot out of the basket that is holding him and he begins to hop about scaring Bon Bon’s Mother who goes running around the kitchen trying to get away from it and finally ends up on a stool in classic cartoon style.

Bon Bon’s Diary: She’s seen at the start where she complains at the mess Bon Bon and Clover have made baking in her kitchen. Her then comments of expecting Bon Bon to get good marks on her upcoming test or she'll be allowed no more baking is what leads Bon Bon to cheat in the episode. She can then again later be seen asking through the door if Bon Bon got an A on her test asking why is she crying? To which Bon Bon replies because she is so happy, her mother leaves her at this asking Bon Bon to try not to be so happy.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Not Released
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Piece of cake